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PRODUCT: The Online Job Killer Software *COMPLETE INCOME SYSTEM* online job killer
CREATOR: David Marshall
PRICE: $39 one time payment
DISCOUNT URL: http://www.onlinejobkiller.com


DAVID MARSHALL’S ONLINE JOB KILLER SOFTWARE REVIEW –  Everyone wants to be their own boss. They don’t want to work under someone. But not everyone can do so. And when you are not your own boss, possibilities are that you don’t earn money like a boss in your job.

In this post, I’ll be reviewing the online job killer software created by david marshall who is a retired man but makes a lot of money online these days thanks to his son who gave him the idea of making money online.

Through online job killer system, you’re going to discover how to leverage a fresh, new social network for life changing commissions, and by getting in early you’re in a perfect position to benefit from one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Here’s a quick preview of the online job killers members area which proves that this is a completely honest and unbiased review of online job killer software and system and I’m not just throwing fake empty promises towards you….


So what you see above is the members area of onlinejobkiller.com

Now let’s start the online job killer review. So what is online job killer system? How you are going to make money with the software? What do you get? These are the main questions which you might be having right now in your mind and I will answer them today in this review.

The Online Job Killer system consists of a software and training. The software is very easy to use and works in every country. The software is fully automated. You just need to fill in your login information, some keywords and your affiliate link from which you want to earn money. Then you have to start the software and let it work on your computer for sometime. You can do some other work in the meantime i.e. you don’t have to keep looking at what’s going on with the online job killer software. The software will do some automated tasks that will generate money for you. Here’s the software live in action:


You won’t find anyone showing you online job killer software live in action like I did because no one is as transparent as me. So you see the software above. You just need to fill in some boxes and hit the ‘Run’ button. The software will make money on complete autopilot by tapping into one of the popular social network called pinterest.

You also get enough amount of training which guides you how to use the software step-by-step so you don’t feel yourself technically challenged anywhere. If you ask me, you won’t even need to watch the training as the software is very easy to understand for even a newbie.

There are total 3 upsells for online job killer which you will be offered. These upgrades will offer you more training and software that will help you with the overall onlinejobkiller system. It is not compulsory that you have to buy them; you do get the option to skip them but doing so will not give you some added advantages over those who buy these upsells. They might get ahead in the race. It’s totally up to you whether you should buy it or not. Do remember that you can not buy these upsell later… Here are the 3 upsells:

  1. DONE FOR YOUR CAMPAIGNS – I will recommend you to buy this upsell as you will get ready-made campaigns that are going to make you money for sure. So no need of doing any research or spending time in finding out the best way to make money with online job killer software.
  2. Advanced Job Killer Suite
  3. Traffic Killer App


Hello guys, I wanted to update this review quickly to show you my income proof using the online job killer program. It’s pretty new and taken just few minutes back. I expect more money flowing in next few hours/days. I have hardly used the online job killer software for few hours and the results have started to show up. I created a brand new affiliate account at clickbank for this purpose and only this software to promote affiliate offer. Have a look at my results and don’t forget to comment below if you have any questions…


online job killer

Overall the online job killer software and income system is a descent product for a newbie. You can make a small amount of money while this software works on autopilot in background. My rating for online job killer is 5/10 and I will not call it a scam as the software works very well and have the potential to make you money but I would recommend the cash machines 2.0 which is much better than this.

DAVID MARSHALL ONLINE JOB KILLER REVIEW - KILLER SCAM?, 9.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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    Hi Nancy,

    Were you able to make some money with this ? If yes, how much you made so far with this software on autopilot? Please share some screenshots …

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