Miley’s Money Method Review – EXCLUSIVE – Big Scam?

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PRODUCT: Mileys Money Method Hostingdownload binary cash creator software
PRICE: $9.95/mo. to $10.95/mo.
From: Miley Cllins & Walter Thompson
MY RATING: 8.7/10

Honest “Miley’s Money Method” Review

MILEY MONEY METHOD REVIEW : Hey there… Today I’m gonna be reviewing a new product that is making buzz from last 2 months among early adopters/partners/testers.

The system is called the “miley’s money method” by Miley Collins who live in San Diego, California. Actually the method is taken from Walter Thomson who himself handed the system to Miley.

I was one of the lucky few who was invited to use it nearly 2 weeks back. And guess what, I was told by Miley that she will be opening doors to her system today for public to try and test the miley’s money method.

miley money methodSo what is miley’s money method? How do you make money using miley’s method? How do you join this and what all do you get?

Now let me answer all those questions one by one. First, let me tell you what is miley money method all about and how you make money. Basically, miley wants to make you her business partner. To become her business partner, all you need do is invest/buy Mileys Money Method Hosting. In return, her team will set-up her special system for you on that web hosting that will make you money.

The system enables you to make money from money pages without much technical knowledge. They do everything for you when you become their partner. It includes setting up the money making system i.e money pages, training you personally, providing training materials and giving you updates on regular basis.

Now, as I said, to become a partner in miley’s money method system, you need to buy web hosting from miley. Miley has signed a deal with a web hosting company called CoolHandle where this system will be set up and provided to you. All you need is to select a plan, pay and wait for their response.

Currently there are two plans available to select from in order to become her business partner:

  • $10.95/mo. ($262.80 total, every 24 mo.)
  • $9.95/mo. ($358.20 total, every 36 mo.)

I personally took the second plan seeing the huge discount it offers and would recommend you the same if you can take it. You can not use your old web hosting account if you have one, even if it is on coolhandle already. To allow miley and her team set up their money pages, you need to visit this special page and enter you email ID.

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The money method by miley generates earnings into your affiliate account from where you can withdraw directly to your bank account or paypal account. All Countries Allowed.

Overall, I found this system very useful and worth every penny. I personally liked the ease of using it and the way it handles everything for you. This makes mileys money method newbie friendly and to be benefited by a large group of people. I’ll call this, NOT A SCAM.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review. Do comment below if you have any questions regarding this.


Update 1 : Miley has told that she will be letting new customers join the system only for next few days or so. If you happen to see the website down or not accessible then I’m sorry, the doors might have closed. So make sure you take the decision quickly before she decides to pull it off for new partners.

Update 2 : My earning Proof using miley’s money method added.

mileys money method earnings

Miley's Money Method Review - EXCLUSIVE - Big Scam?, 7.9 out of 10 based on 14 ratings

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10 Responses to Miley’s Money Method Review – EXCLUSIVE – Big Scam?

  1. Josephine says:

    What exactly are you doing to make the money? Do you have to have a list already? Are there advertising costs?

  2. kadarius says:

    I guess I will give it a try today any thing I need to know that’s important before I sign up a catch or any thing or just pay the fee and they do all the work

  3. Tony says:

    Thanks for the honest review. With all the new programs being promoted every week its nice to get insight before making a decision to purchase and get scammed. Keep up the great work. You are a remarkable young lady. Bird is pretty cool too!

  4. jseay says:

    This realy works good. I make money from this Miley’s Money Method. If u want to make money than u can try.

  5. vathanarajh says:

    Jseay, let me know which advertising method you used to earn money?, is it Google AdSense or any other method, i have created Ad with Google AdSense 11/06/2014, but still my Ad and Account under review , if there is any alternative site for Google AdSense,with little cost?

  6. laingman says:

    What are the steps? I signed up and got the cool handle hosting and then to the miley member’s area. Its all a blur after that. On the members area I see about 4 products and cant even figure out which one I signed up for. Trying to follow the steps I end up with a webinar that want $900 for software etc.

    Can someone tell me how this is supposed to work

  7. Mike & Dani says:

    Morning. So any recent feed back on Miley’s program? Such as income?

  8. Michael says:

    Hi, I just signed with Mileys Money Method yesterday.
    After reading your review Nancy, it made my decision
    much easier to give it a try.
    I work a regular job, but I’m tired of working for someone
    else and been looking for something else.
    I believe that your review about Mileys Method is true.
    Thank you!
    Your Gorgeous!!!!!


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