SECRET MONEY SYSTEM Review – Scam by Juan Gabriel?

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PRODUCT: The Secret Money System Softwaredownload secret money system
PRICE: $49
From: Juan Gabriel

Exclusive “Secret Money System” Review

Secret Money System Review : Hey there! You must be here because you want to know more about the secret money system by Juan Gabriel for which you must have received an invitation email recently.

Just like you, I got an email pointing me to where in a video, Mr. Juan introduced himself, how he is making tons of money online and how one can achieve similar results by using his secret money system that he developed for himself; but now he is giving access to limited amount of people to use the exact same system for only $49.

After watching his video, I was curious to find out what is secret money system exactly all about and whether secret money system is scam or not.

secret money systemSo I went ahead and Google’d for “secret money system review“, just like you are doing it today, but I didn’t see any single review out there that would tell me more about this system.

Then I decided to buy this personally and today I’m putting up my exclusive review of secret money system on this blog that you will not find anywhere else on the internet. Make sure you read this review carefully to understand the whole concept properly. Its easy but not for everyone. So make sure you read my review and find out whether you should buy it or leave it.

Secret Money System – Introduction and What is This all About

First and foremost, let me show you screenshot of members area as a proof of my authenticity and to earn your trust 🙂 This shows that I have tried this system personally and I know what I’m talking…

secret money system members area

As soon as you pay the $49-one time fee, you will be redirected to the members area. I was not offered any kind upsells or any additional upgrades.

The members area looks stunning and easily navigable. As soon as you enter the members area, you are greeted by Mr. Juan where he congratulates you and tells you what to do next.

At this point I really wanted to know what is secret money system and I bet you are also eager to know more about it. So let me tell you quickly what is this all about and how you are going to make money with it.

Watch This:

secret money system juan

Basically, the main secretmoneysystem product is very easy to use and newbie friendly. There is nothing technical involved in it. The only thing you need to do is follow few simple steps laid out for you in the members area and you are done.

Due to their terms and conditions, it is not allowed as a customer to reveal the secret money system’s formula and so I can not tell you point to point what it is but can give you some hints.

The secret money system has nothing to do with web hosting or domains. It is not about any social media site like facebook, twitter etc. It is not about binary trading as some people are asking. No technical knowledge required. Newbie friendly. It is not related to mlm, network marketing or video marketing. You don’t have to spend any kind of money on advertisements or ppc, cpv ads. You must be 14 yrs. or older to use this system.

The money you earn by using secret money system software and methods will be paid to you by affiliate networks directly into your bank account or paypal account (some even offer cheque payment). The system is currently available for every part of the world, and there are no country restrictions.

The whole system is divided into 4 sub-categories:

  • Secret Money System (main module)
  • Elite Money System (advanced module)
  • Traffic Money System (for all your traffic needs)
  • Social Money System (in case you want to implement this system on social media sites)

As you see in the screenshot above, you will also receive weekly live training where you will be given live access to webinar covered by expert affiliate marketers who will teach you how to use secret money system in a better way and will also fix your problem or any queries related to it and online money making.

secret money system live webinar training

The weekly training will be carried out for 6 weeks and in case you miss any training session then don’t worry as you will be provided with a link to watch the recorded version of that webinar.


Hi everyone. I’m updating this review now with my recent results with secret money system. I’ve been using this system from several days now. For first 2 days I didn’t see any result by using this system out of which I honestly didn’t spend anytime for the very first day since I was very tired that day after late night party. But after that, I started to see some great results which you can see below in screenshot:

secret money system earning


Overall, the secret money system is a great deal for $49. You get to learn many things and juan’s secret money system is hopefully going to work for me. I’m hoping for the best results since I’ve been using it from last 4-5 days now as an early bird invitee.

The secret money system is supposedly going to be available for limited number of people from 21st July and as an early bird customer who got to try it before the public launch, I’m pretty much satisfied with the outcome. 🙂

I’ll advice you to try this system for at-least 30 days to see some positive results…This is no push button millionaire software if you are expecting something like that.

If you have any questions about secret money system after reading my review then don’t hesitate asking me by commenting below. I will keep updating this post with latest news and results to keep this review up to date.

Secret Money System Updates

UPDATE #1 – I’ve added screenshot showing my results using this system.

UPDATE #2 – If you are customer of secret money system then do subscribe to my mailing list and get all the latest updates about secret money system. CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP FOR UPDATES.

IMPORTANT UPDATE #3 – A few readers pointed me to a website which looked like secret money system. On analyzing it closely, I found that it was a phishing page made to look like the official website. It would be a serious disaster if you come across such website and fall for it.

If you have come here after reading other reviews or will be reading any further review of this system then make sure you read the steps below if you are interested in getting this thing….

If you are interested in secret money system, I’m laying out the steps to get access to the system properly without any troubles, safely and without any errors…

Step 1CLICK HERE TO VISIT OFFICIAL WEBSITE. – By doing so, your computer will be registered into their server with the help of IP address and cookies. This is one major step.

Step 2 – Enter your email ID carefully on the signup form and also on the clickbetter payment page for secret money system. Your login details will be sent to this email ID only so make sure you enter it properly! And you are DONE with this step.

UPDATE #4 – Just wanted to advice you that do not buy any discounted version or license of secret money system if you come across it.

If you do so then you might not get full features and may end up paying something later as upgrades. Get full access to secret money system for one time of $49 and only buy the main license instead of discounted license which may be offered to you by juan.

UPDATE #5 17th September 2014 – I wanted to update this review with my current results using secret money system. The system is doing well for me very well from Day 1. A couple of days back, it was having some technical difficulties but it was sorted out within 48 hrs. and now the earnings are back to normal…I am making an average of $600-$750 daily following it.

Also, please be patient if you don’t see any results in first few days. It could take time depending how you work and grasp the training. Do give it a try for full 60 days and then decide to keep or not. You don’t loose anything…

SECRET MONEY SYSTEM Review - Scam by Juan Gabriel?, 7.8 out of 10 based on 52 ratings

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106 Responses to SECRET MONEY SYSTEM Review – Scam by Juan Gabriel?

  1. laingman says:

    So you recommend this as something a newbie can do?

  2. Donna says:

    I did receive an email about this system. Please let me know if you have made any money on this and would you think it’s worth the money. I paid for a lot of different systems & none of them worked.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      I will let you know about the results pretty soon Donna. They are shocking. Make sure you are subscribed to my blog for latest updates. Just wait for 1-2 days more and the results will be posted in this review.

  3. Winiata says:

    Hi Nancy
    I have subscribed to you list so can you keep me updated with progress with this program also what is your latest with update SafeTrader app


    • Nancy Fox says:

      Good to know that winiata. You will be notified very soon about secret money system updates…Talking about the other question you asked, the safe trader app is also giving good results if you are into binary trading. It is one of my top 3 binary signal service at the moment.

  4. edith says:

    is this system a trading stuff or an affiliate stuff, i don’t understand please
    let me know and how much u av made with the system already.

  5. Nathan says:

    Great to see that I’m not alone.

    Just like you Nancy, I’m also one of their beta tester who got to try it a few days back and I must say that I love the secret money system by jual gabriel.

    Being in beta testing, I found a couple of bugs but their support team was very helpful and often answered to my questions in less than 2 hrs. As of now, the secret money system works perfectly fine. I’m currently sitting in office and commenting on your blog. I don’t want company to know what I’m working on secretly and will soon resign from this boring job which hardly pays me anything. Last week, I earned about $2100 just by spending an hour or so after office which is simply great. If this continues, then I’m gonna do it full time and make more money with it.

  6. Michele says:

    Hi Nancy. I read somewhere else that it IS a free binary options system. Is this true? Thanks.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      lol NO! All those reviews are generally fake and they don’t even know what it is about…I’m the only one who have posted the real review with screenshot of members area and no one else has done that yet!

      The thing is these bad people about whom you are talking, spam Google with their bogus articles with poor English sentences, thanks to the article spinners they use.

      Their reviews contain infected links and they rank them high on Google through search engine optimization; and if you click any of those links, then there is high possibility that your computer will behave abnormally even after having an antivirus solution.

      I once faced similar problem. Their link could also lead to some phishing page or something similar to secret money system website.

      So I will highly recommend you to avoid reading any reviews online as you won’t find any with such indepth analysis like mine and whenever you feel like buying this system then do follow the steps I’ve mentioned at the end of the review to be sure that you get access to secret money system correctly and properly.

      If you have any doubts then feel free to ask me as I’m a real person 🙂

    • Jill says:

      This seems too good. Too easy. If thats the case everyone would be doing it don’t you think?

      • Nancy Fox says:

        Yup. That’s why they have set a limit for the number of copies to be sold for this system so it doesn’t gets saturated.

        Last time I asked them about this, there were 50-55 more licenses available and after that they will close the website for new members for about a year or so.

  7. john says:

    49 dollars thats all u have to pay all thru the course for real.

  8. Doug Mayhew says:

    Nancy, Thanks for your review I have to ask besides the $49 fee are there hosting and domain fees? Also, are there additional costs to for each of those additional sections you mentioned: Elite Money System (advanced module),Traffic Money System (for all your traffic needs), and Social Money System?

  9. Shawn says:

    I am interested in your experience with this system and would appreciate an update. I have received an email as well inviting me to try the system, but have been burned many times in the past. Please keep me updated.

  10. Ron says:

    Hi Nancy, I’m just in the middle of watching the video … I have it paused as I always check reviews before purchasing anything – even though I know it’s a mine field to do that. Your review seems more trust worthy than any of the other reviews I’ve gone through – far more detailed than even the review I saw on the Warrior Forum – which actually sucked rotten eggs! So I have a question: I normally click off an offer to find out if there’s a better deal but you are saying it’s $49 with no upsells. Did I get that right?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      heehee Ron. I agree about to you regarding reviews. There is no review available on internet because no one has really spent money to buy this system and actually review it except for me as of now.

      When I purchased secret money system as an early bird user, there were seriously no upsells at all. I have this feeling or think that there will be no upsells either right now. Hope this clarifies 🙂

  11. segun says:

    Hi I’m from Nigeria and i would like to know more about the secretmoneysystem, i would like to know if it truly works for africans

  12. Cheryl says:

    Hi, I agree, I keep reading that this is a “trading” deal. Thought you said it wasn’t that and had nothing to do with that.

  13. Stefan says:

    Interesting, I got an email recently from a guy I know about this system. Said it’s the real deal without the up sale nonsense….. Said it WON’T make you rich unless you put in the work. Makes sense though, show people HOW to make money for real and see if they bite. They only release a small amount of memberships for a fixed price. Then those people make money and they use them as case studies… The price goes from 49.99 to 199.99 the next time around, hmm…I think I may have a swing at this. Thanks for the review!

  14. Jim says:

    Your review says it is no kind of trading stuff, another review says you have to put down a $250 deposit with a broker and start trading options. ONE REVIEW SAYS YES THE OTHER REVIEW SAYS NO. How is anyone supposed to know what’s going on ???

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Ahh…Well here are few points I would like to say:

      1. Those reviews which you are talking about are written by bots to spam Google with their infected links as I stated in my review (see the update section). Just read their sentences and you will see how poor their sentence formation and grammar is…

      2. I’m a real human replying to your comments with some identity while if you talk about the other reviews, you will see they have some fake identity and won’t interact or talk to anyone.

      3. Just read the comments made by secret money system customer itself to confirm that it is not about anything which you are saying…for example read Nathan’s comment above.

      If you want anything more to be clarified then feel free to ask me and btw, do share the links of website where you read what you are saying.

  15. Daz says:

    Hi nancy I am complete beginner and a dope when it comes to computers lol but I am gonna give this a try as 49 dollars is a little to lose if u can make a gain ( if that makes sense lol ) anyway I appreciate any expert advice on this if you can give it 🙂

  16. Winiata says:

    Hey Nancy, Thank you for your updates.I got caught out by that phishing page you mentioned in your latest update.I joined with the discount they offered plus they had 2 upsells.expensive too.then that was it.
    I could not get access to the program nor could I contact support and after reading your update I
    requested a full refund from ClickBetter.

    However My question is How the hell do you know if a link is genuine or not?
    Cheers and thanks for your reviews


    • Nancy Fox says:

      Glad I was helpful.

      Whenever you feel like buying the secret money system then go through this link only and follow the steps I’ve mentioned in the end of my review.

      This link will redirect you to real website and you won’t fall victim of any phishing page –

  17. Smipo says:

    I hope this system is not another binary related thing, is there any option of paying with PayPal, paying with Clickbetter will cost me cos of VAT applicable to my country of residence Uk, and also can u give the slightest hint what this software is all about.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Its about niche marketing; my hint for you.

      This is not related to binary trading, you can trust me on that and other people telling us in comments.

      You can’t pay with paypal because of fraud issues related to it. Juan is not offering paypal payment as of now.

  18. akintunde says:

    I have tried severally to. Pay for the order its saying Authorization failed!!my card is ok!!my bank said they received verification from clickbetter but that they confirmed it but clickbetter didn’t do d transactions!!so please is there any other means to make payment for nigerians?bcos am a nigerian!!

  19. akintunde says:

    I have sent plenty of messages to them and to juan but I didtn get any reply!!is there any email address or number to call to help me out with d payment?I have tried over hundreds times since 3days ago!!and its same Authorization failed!!and some say go to the merchant website to try d payment!!Do you have d merchant website?please reply asap I don’t wanna miss out!!
    Thank you!!regards

    • Nancy Fox says:

      I don’t have anything against Nigerians but please try to understand that Nigeria is little blacklisted in international market for fraud issues. As I said, I don’t have anything against nigerian people, not everyone is bad but because of international bank’s safety measures, your order is not being processed. That’s what I think the problem is….

      Now what to do? – Well you can try using online prepaid cards like entropay to pay for this system. It may work…Let me know if it does.

      • segun says:

        Hi Nancy!(great job your going) I have tried using entropy but i was not allowed to open an account with the. Please how can i make this payment from my country Nigeria. thank

      • cari says:

        hello i am trying to pay with my mastercard i am from the u.s located in illinois and its saying authorization failed what do i do?? i am dying to try this system!! please help email me at [email address removed]

        • Nancy Fox says:

          Cari, please ask your credit card company or bank to remove any restriction on your card that’s possibly causing this error.

  20. adam says:

    hi nancy ive just had a email of from juan and wanted to know a little more about this i live in the uk and wanted to know if theres any real proof of this

  21. jill says:

    If this was so promising, everyone would be doing it. Wouldn’t they?? I’m just not sure.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      If I remember properly, I’ve mentioned this in review or comments that to avoid this system from getting saturated, they will only be selling limited licenses and thus restricting new members from joining when all licenses are sold.

  22. Monique says:

    Hi Nancy,
    Is it really as easy as it says? I am really wanting to quit my job! I want to make sure I can do this and make money this time! Thanks.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      To be honest, I would like to know your meaning/understanding of word “easy”.

      It is not something like you buy secret money system and voila you will be making money next day. This is not some investment scheme if you are thinking along that line. You will have to do little work every day for 20-30 minutes minimum but the steps are very easy to follow if you do it right work. The success depends on how you properly and creatively you use the training material and system.

      PS. Quit your job only after seeing results from this system to be on safer side 🙂 Just my 2 cents… 😉

  23. kal says:

    Hi Nancy?
    I have use an Android Phone. Can I lock in my IP address when ordering from juan?
    Can comissions still ho thru Pay pal?

  24. Lisa says:

    And they give your money back in 60 days if you don’t like the system or it doesn’t work for you?

  25. Bobby says:

    Well, I just purchased through your link mentioned in the steps, here it goes! Great system!!

  26. Jesse Ramos says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I’ve been checking reviews after reviews about Juan’s system, it sounds promising, and what better then money back within 60 days… I understand the usage of servers( hence the up-sales ) and what not. But, my doubts get me… how is the money refunded if i decided this system is not for me. Also, are you using this system yourself ?

    Thank you Kindly…

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Yes, I’m using this system otherwise how would I’ve reviewed it for you people 🙂

      The money is refunded back to source. If you pay by credit card then refund is made back to the card itself.

  27. Sonja says:

    Hi Nancy. Does this program have software download or is it web base. I don’t use a personal computer. question is because of the IP address that you mention. When I purchase the progam can I log in on any computer and still be able to get in my members area.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Yes, you can login from any computer and use it once purchased, no restrictions like you think; but make sure you follow the steps properly I’ve mentioned in my review at the end to get proper access to the system.

  28. Willie says:

    Hi Nancy, what a great review, how long does it take for them to set up members area…

  29. Shining says:

    Hi Nancy, I like your review, my question is ” Do I need invest extra money?” thank you

  30. Holly says:

    Can this be done by a mobile devise or does it have to be done only on a computer?

  31. Luis Castillo says:

    Hi Nancy, does this really work? is it worth it? I’m just not sure if I should buy the product.

  32. Sergio Alcantara says:

    Hello, my personal email is [email id removed], I paid for all the software, when I log in it I follow the steps, what do I do then? I only need to wait or I need to follow the step again with other issues

    Can you answer me in my personal emai, thanks

  33. mikesgold says:

    i have reviewed the system, it is easy to set up, looks good, driving traffic now, guess that is the hard part

  34. Jacqui says:

    If i don’t have a credit card how do i go about paying for this system

  35. michael says:

    i dont have money or a job or a car or house i dont even have a bank account i cant even help my 3 kids like i want to and this thing sound fantastic but i cant get started cause i dont have anything lol but im glad this is working for other people out there with nothing really or just hate there job. If it ever comes out again and i do have the stuff i need i might just jump out there.

  36. Mist Er Lee says:

    The vid I am watching is free not $49.

  37. Steve says:

    Hi Nancy. I enjoyed your review. Very encouraging. I’ve been trying to purchase the system for the past couple of days from different computers and have been running into technical glitches. Curious if anyone is having the same problem. For example, I won’t proceed because I must only have numbers in the phone number box. Well, I do only have numbers. But its still stuck.
    Wondering if you have any advice. Thanks for your help….

  38. JUDY says:


  39. Anita Elms says:

    Hi Nancy. I signed up for your newsletter. I have a question for you i don’t want to give out company secrets. Can you email me directly?

  40. Kaukab says:

    Hi Nancy, I am from Pakistan, but at present in the US. I will surely join from here but when I go back to paksitan will it work there?

  41. dewano says:

    this system is great. I’m using it from many days and making more than $500 every day with just minimal work of 20 minutes. I’m gonna bump up my time on this system to make more out of it.

    • Nadeem says:

      did you get an email which gave you your username or password to login after you purchased the system or is your username and password supposed to be your email address?

      • Nancy Fox says:

        Yes, you will receive the email containing your login details. Make sure you have followed the steps I’ve given at the end of my post properly and also make sure that you enter correct email ID. Do check your spam box once if you don’t see the email. Normally, the login is your email ID and password is same.

    • samuel says:

      hi dewano please can you email me your address ,thanks

  42. isaac s says:

    Nancy, after seeing your review I’m going to give it a shot. !!! How long did it take to see results. ….im excited

    • Nancy Fox says:

      You should give this system at least 30 days if you are complete newbie. This is the higher end. Success is not same for everyone. I achieved results a bit faster with secret money system. It depends from person to person and their hardwork.

  43. Stacey says:

    Hi i wanted to know if the system works if i host everything, so i can avoid another hosting bill

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Yes, there are last few licenses available. About 10-20 according to support team after which they will close access to new people.

  44. Nancy how much money have you made so far? If it’s to to personal, I really don’t want to take a chance.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      On average, I’ve been making $700-$800 per day with this..Sometimes it goes down to say $200-$300 but then there are some day when it jumps above $1000. So the average is around $700-$800

  45. Omar Nasr says:

    Hi nancy first of all I want to ask how long have you been doing this system second how much money did you make you can give me an estimate if you want to and third what did you do to get in

  46. NOVEC says:

    Hi Nancy, i am newbie and i have never make any money on internet ever since i’ve being hearing it, but i think i will give this a shot bcos of this review and the testimonies i red here. but i hope this system is not about writing report or article? why i ask is bcos i don’t know how to write about anything to promote website or product. pls don’t see me as a lazy one, i just don’t have the ability to do it.

  47. LadyV says:

    Nancy, how much does the license cost?

  48. Jorge Sanchez says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I signed up for secret money system a few days ago. I’m from San Jose, CA. Can you please show me how I can get started and start making money? I would really appreciate it. Thank You.

  49. Deya says:

    Ihow soon do you get paid? Are their addt’l eexpenses’? is this a home business or do you work fot Juan? hosting?

  50. lee jobe says:

    wow. nancy i am a big follower of your blog for reviews. i really trust your opinon as you really try out the system before writing about it.

  51. Krishan says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Is giving false information one of the ways you make money? Let me explain: You posted this article on the 18th of July 2014, yet your proof of income shows money already earned on the 20th of July 2014. Is the system that good that it can tell the future of money earned?

    No doubt this post of mine will disappear so as not to attract bad publicity. For those who read this in time, no thanks needed if I managed to save you a few bucks…

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Krishan Singh,

      No, I won’t be removing your comment at all because I know I’m honest with my reviews. The thing you are pointing at seriously shows how dumb you are and how you defame people online so easily.

      The review was posted on July 18th – Agreed. But I didn’t purchase it on 18th July; you can read my review all over again and I’ve never mentioned that I brought it today or on 18th July itself.

      Infact, the earning screenshot was added as an update to the review on 20th July which is also mentioned in the review at the end and I did wrote that I’ve been using it from ‘several‘ days.

      So thank you for passing by and commenting like a dumb.

  52. Quyen says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for your review. My question is : can I use my iPhone to purchase the system and to use it instead of using a laptop or PC ?


  53. Broomgilda says:

    You made several comments about others’ poor use of grammar and spelling, but yours is nothing to be proud of. Just saying.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Why don’t you go ahead and write your own blog with such long posts. Only then maybe, you will realize how hard it is to write long posts without any typos.

      I accept there maybe some errors here and there. Don’t keep it a secret, tell me what’s wrong in my writing so I can correct it rather than just criticizing me openly.

      I’ll be waiting for your reply else I’ll think you are just another ………..

  54. Patrick says:

    Hi Nancy I am interested in secretemoneysystem and clickclonecash. I am from South Africa. Can I access system instructions and tarining material in the afternoon when I am from work?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Yes you can. Make sure to follow the steps properly I’ve given in my post that will 100% ensure access to the system.

  55. Tracey says:

    Do you have to use Paypal to get paid?

  56. muhsin says:

    Hi Nancy are you still making money with this system

  57. Gina says:

    Hi Nancy does the system still make you money?

  58. Kristy says:

    I cannot afford the $49. I know that sounds crazy but I honestly do not have it nor anyone to help me out. I don’t have anyone to borrow money from. How can I get this system? I am seriously desperate for money right now. My family and I are about to lose everything we have.

  59. Jeromy says:

    I have been getting pretty great results with this secret money system. Honesty I thought it will be a scam when I didn’t made any money for first 2-3 days but then I started jumping like kangaroo after seeing $600+ in a single day in earnings…I just couldn’t believe that it worked for me. Thanks for changing my life!

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