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THELASTGOLDMINE SYSTEM Review : Jamie Lewis, the man behind the last goldmine system is a well known and trusted internet marketer. He has released several products in past with thousands of happy students and customers. He has also worked as an internet marketing coach where he has taught his student how to make money.

Some of his previous products included income entourage, online goldmine, ballers club, im with jamie etc. He is also a very good rapper and a musician. All this means that he is a genuine guy with a very positive reputation and not some scam artist or actor trying to scam you off your hard earned money. Well you actually saw him live on video taking polygraphic test (lie detector test) by Michael Mancuso in which he came out clean and truthful. What more can you ask to prove honesty of a person?

Here’s a small personal video by jamie lewis himself, watch it below:

His latest offering is “The Last Goldmine Membership” which costs only $47. There is no monthly fees of any kind involved in it. Just a single one time payment, that’s it. People from any part of the world whether it is USA, Canada, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, England or any other country can join the last goldmine membership and learn how to make money online.

So what is last goldmine system and membership all about and how you are going to make money with it?

the-last-goldmine-members-area.png (826×507)

After paying the small fee of $47 to join thelastgoldmine.com membership, you will be taken to the members area where you will be able to watch or download the training material created by jamie lewis himself. The idea here is to provide you the necessary software and tools that will help you quickly build profit pulling affiliate niches sites on complete autopilot with jamie’s secret formula. You will be making money with it in very short period of time if everything is done properly.

Jamie Lewis will also be conducting live webinars which customers of last goldmine can join and learn directly from jamie lewis. He will be live streaming the training presentation. If you ever miss the webinar then don’t worry, a recorded version will be made available for desktop viewing anytime you want.


To test the effectiveness of the last goldmine system, I did a small case study myself to see whether or not it makes me any money. For this purpose, I created a brand new affiliate account on clicksure.com on 7th August i.e. when I purchased thelastgoldmine. Please note that you can use any affiliate account/program with this and it is not limited to just clicksure only. You can use clickbank, amazon or anything you want. So I began using the system and here are my results using only the last goldmine system:


It definitely works and keep in mind that I did not spend much of my time in using this system. Since there are so many ways to make money online, I’m mostly occupied in using some other method to generate income online because of which I don’t get time to use other system but still that’s a proof that it is not a scam.

Overall, the last goldmine system is very easy to understand and at no point I felt that there is something technically advanced or I need to look-up for someone’s helping hand. Even if you face some challenge in understanding the system then don’t worry they have dedicated support team to help you sort your queries. You just have to email them and wait for an answer.

If you have any questions or face any problem with the last goldmine membership then don’t hesitate to ask by commenting below or sending me an email. If you are a customer of the last goldmine system then please let me know your receipt number also as that would help me in better assisting you in your queries.


JAMIE LEWIS "THE LAST GOLDMINE" REVIEW - A SCAM?, 5.0 out of 10 based on 38 ratings

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  1. Norman Johnson says:

    To start making money with Jamie’s system, how much money did you need?

  2. fred pepey says:

    what about upsells on “the last goldmine” program? are there any and are they necessary for the program to work?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      yes there are 2 upsells one is platinum upgrade and one more upgrade which probably includes done for you package. It is not compulsory but buying so will help you learn and see results quickly.

  3. siya says:

    hey Nancy .. Great review..
    But whats it all about???
    IS it about making affiliate websites or any social media thing?? or something new ??

    • Nancy Fox says:

      yup its about making money with affiliate website through jamie’s system and methods which are pretty unique and not the basic one’s.

  4. Ankit shrivastava says:

    is this system “the last gold mine”, a newbie friendly?

  5. Werner says:

    Did you use your email list subscribers to make the money or new free traffic without the need for a list?

  6. Anindya says:

    Does it require to buy ‘domain’ & ‘hosting service’ to work with this software ‘the last gold mine’

    • Nancy Fox says:

      You can use your existing web hosting plan but I would suggest you to buy a new domain name after following the tips jamie suggests on choosing the best domain name. But still you can use your existing domain name if you think it is good and niche related.

  7. monica white says:

    hey nancy, i just signed up with the program and im brand new to internet marketing. Do we need to purchase the hosting for a website or can we use the program without it? Im trying not to spend a lot of money doing different things on the program when i have not got all the basics yet.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      You can stick with your current web hosting plan if you have one or go with their web hosting offer. It is not compulsory. You can not run a website without web hosting. Don’t rely on free web hosting as they can shutdown your business anytime they want.

  8. kim says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I am thinking about purchasing this program but I am wondering if this program has any hidden costs after buying. Such as a new hosting provider etc. I already have a hosting company…….
    Thanks for letting me know!

  9. kathryn white says:

    Was 47.00 all you had to spend or did you have to pay hosting ect fees? I am just tired of buying in and the hidden fees star jumping out.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      No, you don’t need to buy any web hosting if you already have but if you don’t ave it then they have special offer for you inside only if you don’t have a web hosting plan. If you have a good domain name then you don’t even need to buy a domain. You can simply use that domain with the last goldmine system and training.

  10. Steve Rose says:

    I wanted Jamie’s video. He’s very inspirational and down to earth. I’m like his friend in the video, who is crawling in a low income existence. The idea of making $10,000 per month is a pipe dream. Heck, I don’t even have $50 to get started!!! But when I do, I’d like to sign up.

  11. von says:

    I wanted to know if u could use your cell phone to access this site or need a computer to run to run the software

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Well you will need a desktop or laptop to access it. You can use your mobile but everything will appear small to you and it will be time consuming for you to manage it on your mobile. But you can check your stats on mobile very easily.

  12. No doubt Nancy, Jamie Lewis seems very honest. It sure would be nice to know that there is someone out there who would be telling the truth instead of scamming. I will strongly consider joining. Might just be what I need. Thanks for this page.

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