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PRODUCT:  Mobile Money Code (v2 and v3)Mobile Money Code
CREATOR: Greg Anderson, David Brown and Ronnie.
PRICE: $49 with 3 upsells
MY RATING: 9/10 – Not a Scam.


Hi readers, how’s it going! I’m absolutely fine Nancy here … Today, I’ll be reviewing The “Mobile Money Code” system created by Greg Anderson, David Brown and Ronnie Montana.

MobileMoneyCode System, Software and Training can be purchased for $49 right now and one can purchase it through SWREG secure payment gateway by using credit/debit cards and even paypal.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Stay away from phishing and scams related to mobile money code. Some people have created exact copy of mobile money code website and trying to scam people on the internet by taking away their money. I will advice that you only buy mobile money code through this official and secure link only. By not doing so you are risking your money. CLICK FOR SECURE LINK OF MOBILE MONEY CODE.

Now let’s get started with a real, honest and unbiased review of mobile money code.

Once you have paid $49 for the main mobile money code system, you will be offer/presented with some upsells just like when you buy a car you are told about other accessories. It’s completely upto you whether you would like to buy those upsells and benefit further from it. Buying these upsells will definitely help you make more money and quickly.

Here are the upsells of mobile money code if you wanted to know:

  1. MMC Traffic Money Code 8x to 10x MORE traffic – Unlimited License
  2. MMC Social Money Code Get 1000s Viral Visitors for FREE
  3. MMC Done For You 100 Web Business Package

After all this, you will be inside the members area of mobile money code.

 Mobile Money Code Members Area

The members area is very well designed and easy to navigate. There are several videos, software and training included. You also get to attend the LIVE webinar Mobile Money Code Training & Coaching which is going to stream on May 9th 2013 only for the customers of

Mobile Money Code is to do with mobile marketing but it is not traditional mobile marketing such as sms marketing, advertising on mobile platforms and so on. So put your confusion aside. Included inside the main product, we get the mobile money code software, bonus mobile marketing training, bonus mobile magnet training and some business tools that will help you earn money through mobile marketing easy way.

There are 3 more bonus mobile money code software other than main software; which are:

  • Mobile Site Generator
  • 50-Ready Made Mobile Sites
  • QR Code Generator

The main mobile money code software which is completely web based, so no technical knowledge required in software installation; lets you create mobile optimized website very easily for making money by selling services/products to mobile owners. You can create mobile optimized website for local businesses in your city or can showcase yourself as a freelancer and earn a good living from it. There are several things you can do to optimize and design the website according to your liking and requirements. The website is hosted for free on their server or you can download the content and host it on your own webhosting if you have.

mobile money codeCLICK  HERE

The main mobile money code training pack teaches you:

  • How to make money using mobilemoneycode software.
  • How to sell websites online as a part of your ‘service’.
  • A Service Agreement blueprint
  • A Contact Sheet blueprint

One can easily earn $5000-$10000 a month just by creating websites using the software and selling it to the business owners. You can definitely earn more if you have a good business sense and can spend more time.

Mobile Money Code Software Preview

Mobile Money Code SoftwareMobile Money Code Software

I really liked the idea behind mobile money code and it’s something which is very newbie friendly and not that technical. Anyway you get training and can also contact their support team if you are not able to understand something.

The Mobile Money Code gets a green signal from me – it is not a scam. A must try because mobile space is less saturated right now. So it’s better to capitalize on it.


UPDATE: Those having issues with login please visit:

Please read the instructions on that page carefully. You can also reset your password from the same page by clicking “Loss password”.

UPDATE November 2013 : Hey everyone! I wanted to update my status on earnings with mobile money code system. Many people asked me to put an update for it, so here it is…

mobile money code earnings

FRESH Screenshot taken just few minutes back. And yes! It means mobile money code works perfectly well.

Update 3rd July 2014 – People have been asking how good mobile money code system is going. For me, the mobile money code is generating steady 4-5 figure income every month. So it’s great and recommended!

GREG ANDERSON MOBILE MONEY CODE REVIEW - A Shocking Scam?, 7.1 out of 10 based on 51 ratings

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184 Responses to GREG ANDERSON MOBILE MONEY CODE REVIEW – A Shocking Scam?

  1. Rita says:

    Lovely Nancy. Your review of mobile money code was really helpful for me in making a decision. And I just purchased it. It is really amazing.

  2. Suzanne says:

    That was really wonderful. I am really happy to use the mobile money code software from past few days and I’m seeing some results.

  3. Roger says:

    Hey there,

    I am Roger from Texas USA. I want to thank nancy for making me take a proper decision after reading her honest mobilemoneycode review. You made be think properly. I purchased all the three upsells as I wanted to own full powers. And I am happy to tell you that the decision was absolutely right. I was able to successfully sell a mobile money code website for $275 to one of my local client. It was really amazing. I could have charged high for this work but since I knew him from long time so I gave the website at such a low price. Now’ I am going to bring in $2000 daily using this system that’s my challenge and I’ve faith in myself.

  4. ysai says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Can I also apply this to non-English speaking countries?? I am from the Netherlands, so that’s why I am asking. English would not be a problem for me, but I am just wondering whether or not I can use it for the Dutch market….


  5. michael says:

    Hi there, just wanting to know if you need a sales background or marketing background, to make good money. cheers

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Nope. No such qualifications are required or necessary. A person from ordinary background can also come and start making money with mobile money code. Though if you have sales/marketing background then it is a plus point for you but not a necessary one as I said.

  6. Marc says:

    After you purchase the $49 how much does it with the 3 upsells.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      The upsells are not compulsory yet if you decide to buy seeing their importance (and they are actually according to me) then it can cost you anywhere between $75-$249 depending on the availability of stock, discounts etc.

  7. Mike Gallagher. says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I was quite impressed with the Mobile Money Code presentation and I tried to sign up, it failed because I couldn’t enter a VAT ( Value Added Tax) code, as an individual in the UK and no company you don’t need one. If you have a company you only need to register for it after reaching a certain level of turnover. I also do not have a website. Your comments would be appreciated, like your blog site, thank you in anticipation. Regards
    Mike U.K.

  8. Samuel says:

    So one makes money by contacting local business owners and selling the websites to them? Then where is all that Clickbank affiliate cash coming from, as seen in Greg’s video?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Well you can sell these websites or can use it for your own benefit by promoting affiliate products from clickbank, clicksure, amazon or any other affiliate marketplace. This can be done by creating mobile optimized reviews or websites of your respected affiliate product and then driving traffic to that page.

  9. Wendell says:

    Hi Nancy:
    It would seem to me, that the Mobile Money Code, while it may not be a scam leaves much to be desired! From my online research it appears I must do Direct Sales with businesses. This is NOT a strictly On-Line business venture. So with this in mind, for the people who live in the country and miles away from towns, cities and businesses, this is not a good purchase. Am I wrong?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Well don’t look at me as if I’m shouting but you are WRONG. You can find clients even online through facebook, linkedin, forums etc. and can communicate with them online without any issues of boundary/country. It is not necessary that you have to work only with local clients; you can also look for overseas marketing or far away market where you see potential.

  10. Lynn Hays says:

    Nancy, I’m interested in the mobile money code but I am unable to purchase it due to no vat#. I am a real newbie. What can I do?

  11. Franco says:

    Hi Nancy I’m very curios but I have many doubts that it will work. how much time do you work to own the money?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      It depends on your various skills. A complete newbie will hardly take 30 minutes of work to setup the website.

  12. Donna says:

    What do we need to do with this software? Are there charges to our own cell? What additional costs are required? How much time do we have to put in? Is this for a certain bus or can we also utilize our own business in order to make money online? Thanks Dee

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Here are answers to your questions:

      – You will be able to build profitable mobile optimized websites for other businesses or yourself (affiliate marketing or promoting your own biz.)
      – No charges related to your cellular operator.
      – No additional costs
      – Atleast 1-2 hrs daily which includes everything from finding clients, building websites, promoting that website, seo etc.
      – It is not specific to some business. Anyone can use it.

  13. alya says:

    hi nancy, i m want to know the software must to pay before we get it?

  14. millie taueki says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Thank you for your extensive review for this product of which I am also considering buying,and like many people we want to know the ins an outs of something before parting with our hard earned monies.

    You have covered the hidden costs very well which some reviews do not and explained the whole idea of this offer thoroughly so I feel comfortable with your observations.

    Once again thank you Nancy for your honest mobile money codes review.

  15. MICHELLE says:

    Hi Nancy i had watched his video and it said that i didn’t have to sell anything but i had read your comment and it said that i had to sell something i don’t know what to do please help.. Michelle

    • Nancy Fox says:

      You earn money only when you sell something or do something. It won’t fall from cloud. Understand the basic thing.

  16. Angel says:

    I want to purchase it, but what is my assurance to be the one like Greg? if that is true?
    You know, $49 is a big amount for me, and I dont want to lose it for nothing.
    I hope all comment that I’ve red in your blog is true.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      You can always ask for refund within 30-60 days (i don’t remember exactly) if you see that you are not able to make anything of it.

  17. michael says:

    HI THERE, which of the to programs ,free commissions or mobile money code, whats is the cheapest to start with to get best results, without up sells, cheers

  18. Samuel says:

    Thanks for your dedicated replies. You can’t imagine how invaluable your review is, now we are able to see the MMC offer in a more open way. Plus, would you like to talk about the “HUGE DISCOUNT” above, when bought through your link? Thanks.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Well for the discount, you will have to email me using the contact form. I can not give it to everyone in public. And also it is for limited time only.

  19. fahad says:

    hi nancy glad to see your review i wanna ask that for affliate offer’s website we have to drive traffic our own or is there a button or system in this (mobile money code )

    • Nancy Fox says:

      ya you will have to drive traffic and they have a solution for it as an upsell if you want. Otherwise you can follow training and do the task to generate traffic and make money like seo etc.

  20. Vladislav says:

    Hello Nancy. I am Vladislav from Paris. Do you use the software: Traffic Code Money 8x to 10x more traffic,.

  21. Kip says:

    Hi Nancy,I noticed on the purchase page for MMC v1 was $49,then v2 $19,and v3 $9 all listed in sequence for purchase. does V3 have the same material as V1 and V2? It seemed a little confusing all three listed as a total bill with delete option.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      They all are same just with different pricing i.e. discount. Nothing is being taken away in terms of software functionality or training.

  22. constantine says:

    Can I make money puchasing the mobile money code v3
    and is mobile money code and mobile money code v3 do the same
    as far as generating money?

  23. Malcolm says:

    In the video I saw on the money making code this guy pushed like 3 or 4 things, left and came back a hour later and had made $288+ completely automated. I want to be able to copy wat he was demostrating in the intro video for Mobile Money Making Code. Would I be able to do this and make money automatically after pushing a few buttons.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      honestly there is nothing like pushing button and make money. it’s just a way of marketing and you should understand that. i would have pushed all the buttons in universe if that would be the case but no it is not.

      you will have to do some little work.

      • Wilson says:

        How limited will I be if I can’t afford the 3 upsells at first? Will the MMC help without the upsells?

        • Nancy Fox says:

          The main mobile money codes product is pretty much good for those starting up. But buying the upsells will give you additional tools and training to automate things thus save time OR you will have to spend time on seo, traffic generation etc. by doing manual work.

  24. joerg says:

    Hello, Nancy, i saw the new offer, and its Great to read so good things. Ok, all people here say, its easy to make money with this Code.Nice!!Dream for me something like this!Need i a domain and are there follower Costs? greets from germany

  25. Antonio says:

    Hi Nancy,

    By the way, you’re HOT! I noticed on the video it says “no rebills”. But in your review you mentioned at least 3 upsells. Are rebills and upsells the same thing? I know it depends on the person but this does not look as user friendly as the video is trying to make it. He also listed you didn’t have to worry about things such as PPO, PPC, SEO, etc.,..but in one of your response you mentioned some SEO is required. I guess that dirty 4 letter word is required. I lot of newbies including myself are looking for the software that does what this guy demonstrated on the video. A few clicks and within a few minutes you’re making money. Where is that software? Not version 2 or version 3. By the way, are you dating?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      rebills and upsells are different things. rebills are payment which you make month on month for something whereas upsell are one time offer for which you can pay.

      it is user friendly. i will post a video soon of the software.

      seo is not something you have to ‘worry’ about 🙂 as they give you tips & tools on how to do it properly. and it’s a 3 letter word btw 😛

  26. scott says:

    Hello Nancy
    Is it true that a two year subscription with a domain name will put out a higher page ranking than a shorter domain term ?


    • Nancy Fox says:

      I’ve no idea about that but i think it’s a myth.

    • T.David says:

      Absolutely right Scott and the hosting should be 2-3yrs, this is good for higher ranking depending on your keyword phrase and how you use your targeted keywords in your content on your site.

  27. bob says:

    HI and thankyou for your extensive review. my question is, with the 49$ i pay will i get the software that i have seen in the video making money after just hours and start immediately making money too? or is there a catch in this

  28. chandra says:

    Hi, Nancy , Does the MM Code works in India? Any one you know in India who have knowledge of using this code and making money? I am interested to this new technology but looking right person who can guide how to start, learn and earn…….Chandra,India

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Yes, it works everywhere even in India. Unfortunately, I don’t know someone in India having knowledge about using mobile money code but don’t worry they have proper training inside and you can contact their support whenever you face any problem.

  29. Mark says:

    Hey Nancy, thank you so much for your review on mobile money code. I am going to give it a shot and see what happens. I’ve always wanted to sell mobile sites to businesses for a living, and maybe the timing for me couldn’t be better to start. Thanks again!!

  30. alfa says:

    hello nancy, first of all i would like to thank you for your valuable reviews, now i’m confident to go for it. i would like to ask you will there be any problem receiving the code/product since i’m living in a remote area.. Thankyou once again

  31. Kiran gandhi says:

    Hello Nancy,

    i would like to know if this is valid in India Mumbai, because above the video they have written NOW AVAILABLE IN MAHARASHTRA MUMBAI.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Ya, it is available for everyone. No country restrictions apply for mobile money code. Period.

  32. Wilf says:

    What about bank deposits ???

    • Nancy Fox says:

      You mean getting paid? Well you can decide it with your client what will be the convinient way. Whereas the affiliate networks these days provide several payment methods like paypal, cheque, wire transfer (bank deposit), payoneer debit cards etc.

  33. njabulo says:

    hey Nancy, i have been trying to make my payment using my paypal but it keeps saying i have some error in my order application form which i cant find, is it because am from Africa? how can u help me with that? Thank you.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Please reply back with a screenshot once you have filled the details and hit the submit button. Please blur or blackout sensitive details. BTW, I won’t publish your screenshot as comment but i will use it for troubleshooting your problem.

  34. Kamil says:

    Hi Nancy!
    Did You already earn any money witch this system ?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      I don’t use it as I have my other ways to make money online. I only review product.

      • How can you review a product if you do not test it. I can visit a store and look at a toaster and the packaging says it will toast four slices in 9 seconds flat, but I cannot review the toaster unless it is tested by me and it does what it says for me!

        • Nancy Fox says:

          Don’t talk non-sense. I have tried/used this software, that’s why I was able to write what you are reading.

          I am sure you couldn’t have written this much what I’ve written here just by looking at the sales video (your example of toaster packaging).

          That’s what you are trying to say? huh?

  35. michael says:

    Hi there, is this money code software mainly for for selling websites.
    cheers Nancy

    • Nancy Fox says:

      not really, but you can create websites for your own use and affiliate marketing purpose. You are limited to only one thing 🙂

  36. Chris says:

    Hi Nancy. I purchased the mobile money code about 3 days ago now and really happy to see the results coming out. Really appreciate greg for providing this to me. I was able to successfully sell 6 websites and they all loved the websites I created. I will now create few websites for myslef for affiliate marketing purpose.

  37. Olga says:

    Hi Nancy, thank you for your review of MMC, it is very helpfull. MMC can be used for creating mobile sites for my own, for clients and for affiliate marketing as well, I am right? Are there any limit? I mean I can use MMC for many websites? And can create websites for customers upon the enquiry? Thank you, Olga

    • Nancy Fox says:

      you got it right olga. you can create unlimited websites using mobile money code so that no one can stop you from making money online. do try it.

  38. allen says:

    Aloha Nancy. I just read your reviews dont know how i stumbled on your page.But anyway after reading an also the comments from other people on your site. I will be buying i am ashamed to say i dont have the money to purchase the upsells will that hurt me in any way.Just want to between 100-200 a week if possible.Can yo plz. respond i will be purchasing right now.

  39. André says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I was wondering if I have to buy a new website for each and every project I start or if working with subdomains also fits the bill?! I mean, having or buying 50 websites … you see what I mean/ wanna say ..?!
    Can I work with subdomains also using the system?!

  40. allen says:

    Aloha Nancy,

    I will keep you posted with my results.I purchased MMC yesterday an i see the potenial
    of making money with the MMC once again thank you for your reviews.As we say in hawaii


  41. Vivian says:

    I nancy is the site works in the Philippines? Can you post here the videos of the 3 upsells to more understand on how to use the 3 upsells ur mentioning… and your mentioning ups that site can buy $9 instead of $49. If i bought for $9 will all the contents of the software on MMC is the same in $49?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Yes it works everywhere. I have mentioned it numerous times in comments. I didn’t get time to video shoot the upsells so maybe I won’t be posting info about them due to busy schedule.

      The discount offer is same as the main offer. You get same material but at a specially discounted rate.

  42. Suzy North says:

    Hi Nancy im wanting to purchus this and have no idea how to make websites or hardly use the computer ,will I still be able to make enough money if I cant make my own websites and the other things needed that you say ,im dyslexic so its hard for me to understand and do certain things so will it still be easy to make myself aa good income ,also can I terminate my contract with mobile money at any time kind regards suzy.

  43. I just hope that this online biz is for real…

  44. Roopi says:

    Hi Nancy, I really want to purchase this product. But I dont know what to do after purchasing it. How to create websites?? How to sell?? to whom to sell?? Or can I still make money without creating my websites??? I am ready to give my full time as I am not doing any work. But I really want to make sufficient money from it, atleast $4k/month. Can I make it?? Waiting fa your reply.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      I know, I know… Everyone thinks like that and that’s why they have included proper training regarding how to use mobile money code software, how to create websites, how to sell them, where to sell them etc.

  45. edhr58 says:

    tried to purchase the MMC using your murchant page, put in all my info including card info and when I clicked on submit same page pops up requesting same info did this several times hope my card did not get processed more than once. still did not receive purchase as I do not think it went through.

  46. gabrielle says:

    I purchased the mobile money code. Now what is next that I have to do in order to make money online right away?

  47. Susie says:

    I’m very curious about this program. I can see the potential but am wondering what your thoughts were on how to approach a company that has thirty or forty locations both in the states and overseas. Should it be setup per location or the overall company. You seem to know quite a lot about the software and it’s abilities.

  48. Dr.George lennox says:

    This is amazing insight into the program from what I see it takes dedication and work. But who would not want to do the work for the rewards the program offers. I Will get all the help I can to work this and focus on this this only it seems the potential is there. I have the time and I will give it priority I want to be a 91 year old successful
    on line worker.I have valuable information to leave behind me I want to follow Anderson dream to give back what you can to make the world a better place George

  49. Norman says:

    Hi Nancy,,,if i buy the reduced price at 9$ that you offer..will it be the same has the original software..thanks..
    thanks for the info..but noticed you dont use this software so how do you really know if its good..

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Yes, you get everything at the discounted price. Nothing is removed or reduced. I know the software is good because I have used it personally. But I don’t use it on regular basis as I’ve my other successful running online business in which I have to spend time.

  50. villy says:

    What should I do to activate Mobile Money Code. I do not understand to much English. Thanks Viliam

    • Nancy Fox says:

      If english is your problem then sorry; their team can’t help you translate. You will need to hire or find someone who can translate the material for you.

  51. Bianca Randolph says:

    Hello I am a struggling college student…I am very much interested in this system since it works for you. I’ve also watched the LONG mobilemoneycode website video on how they made 100’s in as little as 30min-1hr Please can you give me this system for the $9 discount?

  52. Paul says:


    You have mentioned, on several occasions, “I’ve my other successful running online business in which I have to spend time.” What is this “other” online biz?????


  53. Fabian says:

    I’m sorry but are you saying that after a person purchases this software and follow the instructions, they will be selling websites to potential clients in order to make a profit.

  54. Sat... says:

    I want to buy it. Plz help me.

  55. Frikkie says:

    Hi Nancy

    I would just like to find out before I purchase the product, will I be able to buy the upsell’s later (when I start to make money).


  56. michael says:

    Hi Nancy, if we purchase software thru your site , how much is it sister.

  57. Sarah says:

    Hi Nancy. I purchased mobile money code from your site at the discounted price. thank you. Now I was wondering ho do I sign up to be a member. It didn’t direct me anywhere after I purchased. Thank you for your information

  58. Sai says:

    Thank you Nancy for your review! It was so honest & it’s a rarity these days whether it be online or in-person! Could you explain the 3 upsells a little bit more in-depth? Also what is the difference between the 100 Web Business Package and the 50-Ready Made Mobile Sites? Thank you for your time in advance!

  59. Harry says:


  60. Harry says:

    Mobile Money Code V3 by GREG Anderson just for $9 is worth to buy or not ?

  61. Yus says:

    what is the differences between buy a mobile money code with a price 49$ and a discount price such as 9$?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      there is no difference. you are just lucky 🙂

      • Cheryl says:

        Ok nancy i see the DISCOUNT FOR $9 too the problem the order site is asking for VAT NUMBER which i dont have because i dont own a business so because of this the order did not go through!!! WHAT CAN I DO TO COMPLETE THE ORDER?

  62. Nontokozo says:

    I have a problem with the VAT number since I am not owning a company already. I am interested in the mobile money code but because of this I feel that Greg did not catter for people like us.

  63. mariela says:

    is an authomatic system or I have to do anything else to generate many..??? if i have to do anything else ….what i will supposed to do???

  64. Wladimir says:

    How to buy a product for $ 9, because there is no more money on my card, while the monthly fee is far!
    If this is not a bluff, that would love to sit in the studio and worked on over to my paintings, but I must go to the company to pay rent studio.
    Thank you!

  65. dmt_1987 says:

    Nancy…thank you so much for the reviews in here.. I appreciate it so much..I will purchase this soon and see how does it work. Pls help me..where can i purchase that $9 mobile app? do u have the steps for this one? Let me know as well..and I might ask the how-to-do it in a few days..pls do help me..i’m much of a newbie to this kind of technology and terms for this one.. THANK YOU once again. I have so much faith in someone telling me that this is NOT a SCAM and IT WORKS!! (^_^) You rock Nancy.. God bless you more and More power to you =)

  66. mariela says:

    appears some comments saying that is possible to sell to some people on my region ???
    it seems better if is possible to sell to anybody ,,,,
    is able to sell worlwide the products and services??

  67. Roderyl says:

    Got my receipt in my email.. What’s next nancy? Thanks

  68. Dan says:

    Hi Nancy, The discounted price is still available at this time?

  69. JOSEPH SACKEY says:


  70. Andrew Rezk says:

    Hey Nancy,
    Thanks for your helpful review, I was wondering about that product. It looks promising, i will give it a try.
    Cheers 🙂

  71. Sergej says:

    Hi Nancy!
    great review, thanks!
    Is 60 days guarantee applicable for 3 upsells as well?

    Thanks in advance!

  72. Mac says:

    I’m from Philippines and I don’t have a dollar account. I only have account in peso. What should I do?

  73. Igor says:

    Hello, Nancy.
    Is there anyone in Russia and the CIS, who can help me to understand the system? I do not speak English yet.
    You can answer here przhnk@gmail.сom

  74. Alex says:

    Hey Nancy, I checked through your $9 discount, and I looked at $47 and $9 in the same listing, so I would have to pay $47 + $9? or am I wrong? Thanks, Alex

  75. Kelvin says:

    Hi, nancy, please do reply to those questions regarding the purchase needing the VAT number. Thank you

  76. joseph2980 says:

    Hi Nancy,

    You have no idea how happy I am to have found your site, I’m very excited to tell you personally that your wording and description has pushed me to get this today. I am in need a life change and this may be my ticket, so thank’s soooo much. This guy is a big fan of your’s now!!! 😉

    Very Excited Joseph

    PS- who doesnt love a cute girl with a bird 😉 Hit me up and TY again!

  77. Fritz says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I’m really interested on this software. I’m planning on buying it but I do have questions to you.
    1. Can I install this software to a laptop or PC instead to a cellphone.
    2. I don’t have any knowledge in marketing. What should I do.
    Please I need your immediate response.

    Thank you.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      This system was created keeping newbies in mind. If you don’t have any experience in marketing then don’t worry you are always welcomed to contact the support team. There are several training videos already included to get you started.

      The software is completely web based so you don’t have to install anything on your PC. You can use it directly from your web browser.

      • Alexander Feussner says:

        Hi Nancy,

        Is it possible make around 4000USD/day using nothing but the ClickSure Affiliate Account and the Mobile Money Code??
        If so could you please tell me how,,,

        Alexander Feussner

        • Nancy Fox says:

          It IS Possible but honestly you won’t be able to make such huge amount the very next day. It will take some time for you learn and understand the whole thing. The thing will scale up slowly and you surely can make that amount with your hard work and dedication.

  78. phildazz says:

    Hey Nancy, I like your style, your reviews are always of substance and honesty but I have a couple of questions on MMC. Do I have to buy domain names? Can I create a complete ready to sell mobile site without purchasing any of the upsells? Is it possible to create personal sites and if so, which upsell would you reccommend for driving traffic the sites?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      You may want to buy domain for your clients or if you are building websites for yourself. Upsells are not compulsory but they are beneficial. Choose wisely. Once you skip them, you can’t get them again to my knowledge.

  79. chielodiez says:

    hi nancy…i’m so happy to have found this “nancy reviews” of yours…but i was wondering if any of these people here giving comments has their good news about their MMC yet???

  80. Sue says:

    Nancy, on Greg’s video they click three times, come back in an hour and then there is money generated. Your descriptions indicate completely otherwise. Please explain which is it?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      It’s a way of advertising and marketing dear. Haven’t you watched weight loss ads on TV? You will understand then 🙂

  81. Jakub Smejkal says:

    Hey Nancy, I enjoyed reading you review. If I understand mobile money code correctly, our job would be to create mobile apps and selling them to other companies? Thank you for your reply.

  82. Bridget says:

    Thanks so much for your review i wasen’t sure about this item but now i am going to buy it right now.THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR REVIEWS.I just have one question do i need a vat number in order to buy it for $9.

  83. Andries says:

    Hi im in SA.can i use it?

  84. chielodiez says:

    hi nancy! business is non-vat…. is non-vat # or TIN # the same as a VAT #?? i mean, can i use my TIN # ??.. i really hope your answer would be YES ‘coz i’m about to get MMC right this minute..but i guess i’ll have to wait for your reply first.. Thanx Nancy!

  85. Jess says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I’ve purchased Mobile Money Code today. Did all 3 payments. What do I do after log in? Where to start from there? Cheers:)

  86. Bobby says:

    Hey nancy I’ve been on the fence bout this system for months I researched this and maybe I’m retarded but is the $9.00 the same as the intro $49.00 one too or is it just separate or a big discount on the system start up ?

  87. Melanie says:

    Hi Nancy, I’ve tried to purchase a few times today, on Greg site now yours. They both want me to confirm my email address, and a box keeps popping up, telling me to enter a “valid email” which I am using the same one I receive my invite…What’s happening, and what can I do to fix this. I’m very excited to get started. Thank You!

    • Nancy Fox says:

      It’s working absolutely fine dear. I tried purchasing through email ID and was properly redirected to the order page. Please try it again and provide me a screenshot of the problem if it still persists.

  88. A.G. Khan says:

    What is the current status?

  89. ajit kumar says:

    hey nancy how much time we have to spent in mobile money code for some income

  90. Najirah Easley says:

    I have watched the video but there is no place on the website to sign up and start , I want to start but I’m having trouble finding out how to sign up. After watching the video there are no buttons below . Please help!!

  91. wchoco40kim says:

    hi nancy I have already paid for this but the link they emailed me for members does not work please help I would like to use it but can’t no link

  92. Susan says:

    Would I be paying taxes on this money? State and or federal?

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