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PRODUCT: Get Auto Commissions Softwaredownload get auto commissions software
PRICE: $49
From: Diana Daniels and Dave Daniels
Releasing : December 9, 2013


GET AUTO COMMISSIONS SOFTWARE REVIEW : Hey everyone! How are you all doing? I hope you are eagerly waiting for the Christmas eve and want to enjoy it like never before…But you know how you can enjoy it the best way? – By spending MONEY! $$$

NOTE – Get Auto Commissions has been discontinued for now. Checkout auto mobile code which is giving me great results and earnings. Here is the review of it –

And the product which I am reviewing today has a great potential in making you money if you are lucky enough to get a license for it, because only limited copies will be sold of this software.

get auto commissions logoIn this post, I will be reviewing a very interesting money-making system I stumbled upon last week which is called “Get Auto Commissions Software”. It is not currently available to general public if you visit the website directly here but you can get your hands on it when the doors open on December 9th 2013.

This is the only comprehensive review of get auto commissions program you will find on the internet. All the rest of the reviews you may find are mostly fake or written just to divert your attention towards something else like empower network etc. which you should not join in any condition. Trust me!

To prove myself, here I’m showing the members area preview below which none of the websites online are having yet… This is to prove that I have brought this software and my review is genuine….

 get auto commissions members area

I was one of the lucky few people who got an invite, to buy get auto commission software and system, offered by Dave and Diana Daniels who are brother and sister. I quickly grabbed this opportunity by paying $49 through clicksure which is the payment processor for

My payment was quickly accepted and without any upgrades or up-sells, I was inside the members area. This was quite amazing thing for me. I didn’t need to buy any web hosting or domain and there were no additional expenses at all for using this software like advertising, outsourcing or anything else.

The get auto commissions members area is very simple and easy to understand. There was nothing technical involved in it. Just download get auto commissions software and watch the training which shows step-by-step how to use the software and make money with it. The training also takes care of complete newbies so that they don’t get left out and stuck somewhere.

Watch This Video:

watch this video

So, if you are a complete newbie and this is your first time then don’t worry, you will be given enough training to help you start from the basics. If you still have any questions or problems with the system, then you can simple send their support team an email describing your problem and get everything sorted out.

But How does this software works? How do you make money with it?

I will not go in detail and show you the trick which dave and diana are offering because people will simply not buy the system and it will be a complete injustice for them ; their customers and I’ll be breaking the non-disclosure agreement which I’ve signed, by telling you about the method exactly.

But I’ll surely tell you, that the software helps you make money with YouTube. You may be wondering how? and will you need to create any videos yourself?

The answer is; the software will create the videos itself on complete autopilot using the little secret method by the creators which as I said before, I cannot reveal exactly. You just need to download the video once it has been processed by the software and upload it on YouTube by following their step-by-step training which tells you how you are going to make money by doing that. All this hardly takes 10 minutes of your time to complete. It’s pretty quick and simple.

You know what? I’m just risking myself by not following their non-disclosure agreement properly, but still let me show the software preview to finish off this review for get auto commissions quickly:

 get auto commissions software

The software is very easy to use and you just need to fill in the blank fields and go onto the next step.

You not only get the software but also some VIP bonuses for being their customer. These bonuses include some very costly products which were released in past on internet. But dave and Diana acquired license and rights for these products to give it away for free to the members of  – I must say they are really awesome and caring people…

get auto commissions video review

If you are not satisfied with get auto commission system, then you also have the ability to ask for your money back under their 60 days Money Back Guarantee terms which is quite great as it makes you feel safe and your money is hence secure.

My Results Using Get Auto Commissions Software

I used this software myself for 5 days although its been a week since I brought this system but I didn’t get time to test it…. But anyways, here are my results using their software and training. Let me tell you, I created a brand new account for this method and used the software for 45-60 minutes daily.

get auto commissions earnings proof

As you can see, the results are amazing, and I am sure I can earn a lot more if I spend more time with the software or if I follow the training more properly. I am hoping for the best 🙂 I will let you know soon later as an update in this review.


Let me now recap this review of get auto commissions with some bullet points so it’s quick and easy for you to make your decision…

  • Easy installation. Works on windows and mac without any issue.
  • Worldwide Availability. You can use this software from anywhere in the world.
  • Payments are made directly to your bank account, paypal account in most of the cases where you create an affiliate account.
  • 60 Days money back guarantee
  • No additional expenses like on web hosting, domains or advertising.
  • This is not any MLM or pyramid scheme.
  • Not a push button or a get rick quick software scam.
  • A free system that helps you make money with YouTube

That’s the end of this review guys… One more thing which you should keep in mind is that some reviews will say that “get auto commissions” is scam and there is one simple reason for that which you will also notice for sure. All those reviewers are trying to suck-you into their own so called free business opportunity like empower network or some other mlm scheme.

First of all they are not free like they say first and its a high risk business. All these reviewers have the habit of calling every internet product a scam and they will insist you to join their program by showing you a false dream. STAY AWAY from fake reviews as you will simply end up wasting money in those system.

Get Auto Commissions is truly a genuine software to make money if you wanna try. It only costs $49 which is quite affordable and in most of the people’s budget.


If you have any questions after reading this get auto commissions review, then don’t hesitate to ask me by commenting below but please don’t waste my time by asking stupid questions that have been answered in this review already. So please go through the review properly word by word and then ask me any questions if you find any difficulty. I will update this review on regular basis to keep you posted about the software and training.

UPDATE 1 : Don’t buy discounted version of get auto commissions software if you come across it. It may not have full features. The full version of the auto commission software is priced at $49 and while there are few discounts like here, but it makes the software a little less in features which I will highly advice you not to go for.

UPDATE 2 : I was recently contacted by maybe diana daniels and she told me if people buy a license of their software from your special link, then they will donate some part of the sales to a charity of my choice. I felt really great when I read this. So here is my special link to download in-case you have made the decision to get your hands on this software. Please visit here if you are considering to buy because some part of this will go to a charity as they promised.

UPDATE 3 : If you want to buy get auto commissions or currently are it’s customer, then signup to my free update list below where you will get latest updates regarding this system, tricks and lot more…

GET AUTO COMMISSIONS REVIEW - Scam by Diana & Dave Daniels? MUST READ!, 7.4 out of 10 based on 65 ratings

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82 Responses to GET AUTO COMMISSIONS REVIEW – Scam by Diana & Dave Daniels? MUST READ!

  1. Stacy says:

    I REALLY loved the get auto commissions nancy. Not like you, but I did made some money using this software which dave and diana gave me a week back. Using this I’ve made close to $950 which is just amazing thing for me and I didn’t spend much time on it…Hardly 10-15 minutes daily. That’s pretty big!

    Thank you,

  2. Ibrahim says:

    hi Nancy , i am Ibrahim from Egypt , and i tried to get this auto commission but i gut this message in clicksure in an International Marketplace for the Sale of Digital Goods and occasionally
    due to our high fraud detection settings your Bank (in particular US Banks) will decline your
    attempted sale on their end because the purchase is International. so what i can do ? or this is mean that this program is not world wide please help me as you always do , thanks for your time

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Did you use a credit card or debit card? If you used debit card and it is not working then try a credit card. If that’s not also working then I will advice you to try paying using your friend’s or any other bank’s credit card and pay him/her in cash. If you still face problem in making payment then I will advice you to use only prepaid credit card generator like Entropay. Get Auto Commissions works in egypt too; it is just a problem related to your credit card bank and nothing else. You can also call your bank who gave that credit card to allow you to pay for international products.

  3. Emmanuel O. says:

    Hey Nancy, just a heads up. Your first video goes to Tube Cash Code salespage.

  4. Bruce says:

    hey Nancy.
    What’s up girl? Just wanted to drop a testimonial for get auto commissions by dave and diana daniels. Just like you, maybe I was also the lucky one’s who got to try the software before everyone else. I was very happy and felt as if I’m a VIP 😀 hahaha…But there were no reviews at that time so I was hesitant in buying this software but I finally made my mind and got a license of it.

    Anyways, I put the software in use and I’m glad to see some good results. I almost fell from my chair when I logged in today into my account. In last 8 days, I have generated about $1145 commissions following their training and using the software. I’ve got kids and a wife whom I’ve to take care of and I think this money is gonna help me provide them good life as a father and husband. I am a complete newbie and even these results are great achievement for me.

    BTW, you have done a great job explaining the whole system. Kudos to you! I like your get auto commissions review.

  5. Dave says:

    Not sure what is meant by going live Dec 9th

    • Nancy Fox says:

      By ‘LIVE’, I meant to say that the software is not available for purchase if you visit the website directly; it is only available to few invited people, but from 9th December, you can visit the website directly and get your software license. And btw, it is LIVE already.

  6. Lilian says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Thank you for the great review. You mentioned that we don’t have to spend additional costs such as web hosting, domains and advertising which is great. But I read from another review site which states that we need to buy hosting and domains for Get Auto Commission. I am confused. Could you kindly confirm that there is no additional expenses for hosting and domain.

    I would appreciate if you could kindly advise, between Commission Jailbreak and Get Auto Commission, which is the easier and better training course for a complete beginner to learn and get started to earn money online? Thank you.


    • Nancy Fox says:

      As I said in my review, those are just fake reviews. There is NO one yet on the internet who has written get auto commissions review because they simply don’t have access to it. All they have done is written a generic review similar to their previous reviews.

      There is no web hosting or domains you need to buy. Just give me the link to the review which you read and I will expose the hell out of him. Commission Jailbreak is little time consuming than get auto commissions which introduces a very unique method which I got to know for the first time in my internet marketing carrier and it hasn’t been shared anywhere else.

  7. Vicente Pajaro says:

    Nancy are you saying that there are no upsells?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      In my case, i.e while they were beta testing and only invited limited people, I was not offered any upsells or upgrades. I hope there aren’t any at the moment too but if there are any upsells you can just skip them as the software is complete and buying any upsells or upgrades is not compulsory or necessary thing. $49 is all what you need to spend.

  8. trell says:

    dear Nancy

    can you please tell me if this get auto commission program is same with tubecash?? wherein you have to down load a sales video from affiliate marketplace like clickbank and edit it by yourself , then upload it go you tube, and wait if somebody will buy what you are promoting in that video, in order to make a commission. i have bought that tubecash before, and my goodness, it was damn so hard to follow. please advise and give more info. have a nice day.


    • Nancy Fox says:

      Tube Cash Code and Get Auto Commissions are a completely different products though both of them helps you make money with YouTube. But the methods described in both of them are completely different and opposite. This Get Auto Commissions software is completely automated and it generates video for you. You don’t need to download and edit any video. The software does everything for you. You just need to upload it using a youtube account and follow the training which shows how ou are going to make money.

  9. John says:

    Hey Nancy, I did buy Get Auto Commissions but I bought the $9 discount. I just read your Update that said to not buy any discounts because lack of features. Is this true?

  10. MARK says:

    Hi Nancy, Thank you for your post. Do you have to have a mailing list to make money with this auto commissions software? All the programs i have been ripped off on seem to assume you have a product and a list and all you need is their software to enhance your online success. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!

    • Nancy Fox says:

      No, you don’t any kind of list. This is not about list building in any way. You will be using YouTube to make money and will be getting free traffic from Google search, facebook, bing etc. to your video once you follow their exact training..

  11. Arnold says:

    Hi.. I am Arnold from the remote place in Philippines, i was invited to join but I have no credit or debit card what other options so that I can join.

  12. dee7ven says:


    • Nancy Fox says:

      I didn’t get that question properly…Please rephrase it. You can promote any product and as many products if that’s what you were asking…

  13. John D. Partin says:

    Will this system work for someone without their own computer to install software on because I only have an Employment Office computer to work on? Please reply very soon. Thank you.
    John D. Partin

  14. Rachael says:

    Hey Nancy,
    Thanks for your informative website.
    I have a question. It is $49 a month or one time only fee?

  15. tomsurlasSurlas says:

    Was ready to sign up but had to go get wallet, then I had to shovel some snow to take the Little Dog buddies out for duty and I did check a search to see about reviews and I Prayed not to be taken like I had a couple of years ago. Here it goes. In God We Trust.

  16. Mugerwa Isaac says:

    Hi Nancy do you have a Skype id

  17. sebastian garcia pimentel says:

    Nancy..iHello—- i am from mexico city..few questions

    1–does works for my country? will i collect the money?..some systems, charge to your card, and bye, you don’t get anything–i have credit car, but i want to get the money in my bank account(not credit)-in mexico it is very expensive to get cash fron your credit card.

    3-how can i be sure , the there is going to be only one time charge.?..(it hapens to me once)
    seems to be great…..

    4-i don´t know hoy to upload “it using a youtube account” does it shows how?

    5-a last question, do you think it is possible to translate also the video to another lengague(idiom?)
    regards sebastian

    • Nancy Fox says:

      – Why you need to ask whether it works in your country or not? Is there something special with your country? When I’ve already said that it works worldwide then is your mexico not part of it? Is it on mars? Stop asking such stupid questions because it wastes my time and the support system becomes slow because I only have limited time in replying to people’s query.

      – Regarding your other questions; I wrote in review that you can get your payment directly into your bank account or paypal account from the affiliate network you will be participating in. Some offers you more payment methods like payoneer, cheque, etc.

      – This is only one-time charge and not billed monthly, quarterly or annually. On payment page of clicksure, it is clearly given that you are billed only once for it. Why would some bill monthly and not tell you on the payment page? That will simply mean scamming you. So again, this is only a one time fee of $49.

      – Duh? Really? You don’t know how to upload a video on youtube? You can simply google it! But they do teach you this process in training.

      – Yes, you can translate it to other language if you know how to do it but the software won’t do that for you..

  18. Melissa says:

    Hi, I want to pay whit pay pal, can you explain me how can I buy whit pay pal¿? Thanks

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Sorry, but there is no way you can buy this with paypal because there is too much fees when one pays using paypal…As a result, the seller doesn’t gets the required amount and also there is a high risk of fraud in paypal.

  19. Rashell Landeros says:

    Nancy I would really like to get on board with this program immediatly. I’m currently having issues buying it because of the International Lock. I have already spoken to my bank and they say there is no lock on my card. Am I better off just using a different card?

  20. Carlos Garcia Guerrero says:

    Thank you Nancy !!!!!!!!!!!!! you’re just the best on giving out the public,
    I’ll get this Get Auto Commissions product from your link…keep up the good work-

  21. Gaetan says:

    Nancy, I am a newbie in internet marketing .If I purchase this product through your link are you willing to help if I encounter any technical problem with the product later ???

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Once buy get auto commissions, you become their paid customer, so you should ask them all your questions rather than me. They offer support to all customers and you can contact them anytime through email given inside the members area.

  22. Pedro says:

    I got both, tubecashcode and this one, would you say this one would be the best to start investing my time on it?


  23. Dipti says:

    Is this applicable in India

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Yes. Did I ever say it is not? Please avoid asking stupid questions again and again that whether it works in X country, whether it works in Y country….

      I’ve already mentioned in my get auto commissions review that it works everywhere in the WORLD. India is a part of it right???

  24. Amy Dooley says:

    How do you plan on paying taxes on the money you earn?

  25. Yan says:

    “Will I have to make a YouTube with me in it or is the YouTube made for me and without me in it.”

    You didn’t answer this question from Dan, I want to know about it. Thanks!

    • Nancy Fox says:

      I didn’t understand what he is asking.

    • Dan says:

      The question was about posting a youtube video. Do they set up a completed youtube video for me to post it,or do I have to make my own youtube video ?

      • Nancy Fox says:

        Read the review properly, it’s given clearly that the software makes the video for you which you then have to upload it from your YouTube account. I think you need you should get an eye check-up done soon 😉

  26. Mike Murphy says:

    Hi Nancy, during those 1st 5 days how many videos did you post to YouTube?

  27. Ann says:

    It seems a cash machine, why they sell at this price? Is it very technical?

  28. Marie says:

    Hi Nancy,
    How much is a low average one can start making in a month?

  29. Will says:

    Hi Nancy, Does Entropay work from Denmark or is it only for US and Canada that can use it, cause I am cofused how should i open that account?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      It’s for every country and not just us or canada. Visit their website, open an account, deposit the money and get a virtual credit card number instantly.

  30. byron jones says:

    do you need the the up sells to start making money?

  31. Ann says:

    How much does the license cost?

  32. faadhil says:

    while sleeping too,does the software continues to work??? 😛

  33. Chris says:

    Nancy Fox how long was it before you started earning money from using the software? Was it a day later or more……

    I uploaded 25 videos on Sunday; yesterday.

  34. rob says:

    you never answered the question????….
    which is….do you have to make any youtube with me in it or is there a video made with out me in it??????????????????

    • Nancy Fox says:

      It has been answered now. You were not clear and I couldn’t understand your question. Please see the comments properly and you will get the answer.

  35. Andrew says:

    What Dan and Yan asked in earlier posts about having to make YouTube videos with them in it, they’re asking if these videos on YouTube that we are to post are already pre-made or if it will require them having to sit in front of a camera and give their own spiel and promote GAC. I thought it was a good question since I was wondering the same thing too. Thanks.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Oh now I understood it. Well, as I said in my review, the software automatically makes the video for you. You download that video onto your computer and then upload it to youtube. These videos are always unique for everyone. So there is nothing like saturation or same video being given to everyone.

  36. Anne says:

    Hi Nancy, I’ve tried clicking on the link to download this, but I get an error message Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to

    Access a cached copy of getautocommissio­ns.­com/­go.­php, when I click on the link to access the cached copy, I have been directed to a different website altogether, for Home Website Builder 2.0.

    Can you please help me?

    Many thanks

  37. Annette says:

    Hi, Nancy.

    I have 3 questions; do I need to have a Facebook account, is this email-marketing and is there more than one product type/campaign? Thanks in advance!

  38. Grace says:

    Hi Nancy. Was just wondering if you have to download on a Lap top or computer or could it possibly be done on a smart phone?

  39. Lanre says:

    What’s good nancy? I will tell you one thing, you are a kind of lady who is calm and to answer everyone’s questions, while reading some questions sent to you, there are some that i can’t believe people sent to you to answer, I came across your site and read your review while searching on how to make money and they really good. Anyway be eazy and be safe.

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