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eStore Builder REVIEW

eStore Builder Subscription Review : eStore Builder is a refreshingly new marketing approach introduced by a new affiliate marketing company, which offers a good opportunity to the public to create and run a functional eCommerce store at a throwaway investment per month.

This new marketing approach comes without the typical hassle of stocking products, shipping the products to customers and finally with ready-made payment servers.

The idea is to enable people without any experience of HTML or web development to own a website advertising a stock of products (mostly credible slimming products from reliable companies), and market the website to attract the customers.

A member does not even need experience in managing a tradition store. Most importantly this approach does not need selling this concept to friends, relatives or rank strangers, rather its focus is on simply inviting them to browse one’s own eStore and if interested buy products.

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Setting up the eStore is extremely convenient, and can be set up in a matter of minutes, unlike the weeks of effort required to create a web page from scratch.

eStoreBuilder has the following features

Pre-Designed Store Templates

A member simply has to select pre-designed eStore templates from a range available as per ones taste and choice. One need not be familiar with HTML or CSS codes. Simply by clicking one can choose a template. One can personalize the template by adding ones name, logo and make it more appealing to ones customers.

So you don’t need any technical knowledge of any kind.

Storing Products

All the products which are to be stored are provided by eStore Builder. These products simply need to be chosen from a catalogue as per ones choise and and be displayed on the webpage. A member need not purchase the stock or pay a fee to display the same.

The entire inventory is held by the affiliate company. One simply has to use ones instinct to choose the products from the catalogue which one feels would sell well.

Shipping Items

A member does not need to bother about packing, stamping and shipping the items selected by potential customers. All members or eStore owners needs to do is to collect orders from customers, while worldwide, takes care of shipping the items directly to the customers. The members are savvy order collectors.

Accepting Payment

Every store build through eStoreBuilder comes with a secure payment gateway, which accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and many more. Setting up of the payment gateway does not require any payment whatsoever and is absolutely free.

Complies with new Google Guidelines on Affiliate marketing websites

The store created through eStoreBuilder is fully compliant with Google norms for ranking, and face no danger of getting penalized by Google for carrying on affiliate marketing.


The cost of the entire store comes to $27 per month, out of which the domain hosting costs $10 and the rest goes towards accessing eBooks, videos, promotional material, etc.

How does the concept work?

The store takes about 30 minutes to set up, but after doing so comes the really important part, namely bringing in traffic. One may use any means available within ones grasp, to attract traffic, like asking relatives, friends, and acquaintances to visit the site, and requesting them to spread the word through their own social networks.

eStoreBuilder also helps in this regard by presenting an eBook which has an extensive section of selling tips and tricks to attract traffic to one’s store.

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Without traffic constantly streaming in, it is not possible to make money. Only when visitors browse the site and place orders for products, does the cash register in the store start ringing.

So a Quick Recap of How it Works:

  • You buy a subscription of
  • You create your website using the simple website builder tool they offer.
  • Your store is created in just few minutes and you are given a link to it.¬†You don’t need your own web hosting. It is all covered in your membership.
  • You make money on autopilot when one visits your online store and buys the product.
  • You don’t have to do anything. Everything is automated and the e store builder company takes care of everything like customer care, shipping, technical problems. You just have to be a member with them to continue making money.
  • You can cash out your earning directly into you bank account, PayPal account or get a cheque delivered to your home.
  • It works everywhere. In every country. People from any part of the world can take part in this opportunity.
  • This is not some MLM scheme.


eStore Builder is a membership site, meaning to create one’s own eCommerce store one needs to pay a monthly fee to eStore Builder. The question is “Is it worth it”?

The answer is a BIG YES. eStore Builder enables members to act like regular storekeepers without the botheration of stocking items, shipping items, inventory management, payment hassles, etc. In fact one has the opportunity to become a traditional shopkeeper with the real time hassles faced by them.

Also a member does not need to be proficient with HTML or web designing to create a store customized to ones tastes.

The membership is almost akin to allowing one to share a piece of the ever-expanding pie. Slimming solutions are the rage and people all over the world are keen to try out new products and solutions to reduce weight, particularly which can be achieved with the minimum effort and without any side effects.

If attracting traffic calls for action on the part of the members, then daily commissions in $$$$’s inspire one to take a plunge. Overall this is a brand new idea, which should see a lot of action in the future.

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eStoreBuilder Review

eStoreBuilder REVIEW - CAN YOU MAKE MONEY? A SCAM?, 7.9 out of 10 based on 14 ratings

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