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PRODUCT: Who Likes Money System, Software and Programwho-likes-money
PRICE: $49
From: DC Fawcett
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WHO-LIKES-MONEY REVIEW : A BIG Hello to all my readers… I hope you all are doing great and did lots & lots of shopping on black Friday as a result of which, you maybe in need of some serious money for the coming Christmas holidays.

You simply don’t have to worry anymore as I’ve a great product review of “who likes money software system” today, which I’ve tested from last week as a beta tester. And the results have been phenomenal which you will find later in this review.

So lets get started with the most honest and comprehensive who-likes-money.com review which you won’t find anywhere else on the internet…

dc fawcettThe who-likes-money software is created by DC Fawcett. Now, you maybe wondering who is DC Fawcett? DC Fawcett happens to be a very well-known name in the real estate industry in USA. He has made millions of dollars online and he is now giving away his method of online money-making through Facebook for a limited time.

As always, let me begin this review by showing you the actual members area of who-likes-money.com so that you can trust me that I know what it is all about and I’m not faking it… Have a look what you all get with the complete who likes money system :

who likes money members area

By paying the $49 fee, you will be given access to the members area. You will get to choose your login details yourself after payment plus you will also get an email containing all those details. Make sure you check your spam box for their email because in my case, their email went into the spam box from where I recovered it later.

Once you login, you will be welcomed by DC Fawcett who will explain to you quickly what is the system all about, how does the software works and where you will find everything in the members area.

The members area consists of the following sections when you buy the complete system:

– Who Likes Money Main System – In this section, you will get the who likes money software also called as the ‘WHO Software’ and another software called the ‘WHO XT: email extractor’. You also get tutorial related to the software that teaches how to use this software and make money with it. Here’s the software preview:

who likes money software

You can also watch this software demo that shows the software in action…


– Fast Start Training – Many people are new to online money-making and they often don’t get the basic learning needed to get started. DC Fawcett identified this problem and so he has also added the fast start training. If you are a complete newbie or starting right now; this training will help you learn the important basics of affiliate marketing.

In this training, you will learn about Facebook Keyword Research, Creating Pages, Content Posts, Money Posts, Viral Posts, Promoting Your Viral Posts, How to Setup An App on Your Page, 12 weeks Free Extra Training, Outsourcing, The Butterfly Effect, Multiple Offer Strategies, Building Your List and Choosing Offers. The training is very detailed and really good in my opinion.

– Free Strategy Session – You can take advantage of this opportunity to work with a a an expert Marketing Coach. You just have to fill out a free-simple form to officially apply to work with a Professional Marketing Coach, where their elite students are shown how to Create an Income ONLINE! If you selected after a telephone interview then feel yourself lucky as not everyone gets the chance for a personal coaching.

– WHO Accelerator – This is the advanced version of the who-likes-money software. In this section, you get to download the WHO XL Software, video training on how to use this software and a free virtual agent for one month (40 hours in total). This virtual assistant will help you start or grow your business free for a month. You pay nothing for the 40 hours of service which will be a valuable resource for the first month in your business. If you don’t like the VA, you can fire them with no questions asked.

– WHO Domination -By using the WHO Domination, you get everything done for you! Yes, you don’t have to go through any software or training. Just Download the ready made campaigns and start making money. It’s the best thing I found personally and a great help for newbie.

– Traffic Edu – A community and training to learn traffic generation.

– VIP Offer – This is a PRIVATE VIP page reserved only for WHO LOVES MONEY Members. As a WHO member, you are getting VIP access to skip the line and all approval processes to get direct access to the TOP Converting Maximum Profit Offers They Make Money from Every Day. DC Fawcett has really done a great help by doing this for the customers.

– Resources -In this section, you get some important resources that will help you with this system and a page consisting some frequently asked questions so that you don’t have to wait for the support team to answer your basic questions or the one which people usually tend to ask.

My Opinion

Since I used the who likes money software, let me tell you quickly my thoughts about it:

watch this video

  • It is not complicated at all. Newbie friendly with lots of tutorials.
  • All the softwares are web-based, so you can use it from anywhere without the need of installing anything.
  • The software works in every country. There are no country restrictions.
  • Completely legal and obeys all the Facebook terms very well.
  • You don’t need to use your real Facebook account.
  • This is not some push button magic or get rich quick scheme or any mlm/pyramid scheme.
  • There are no web hosting or domain fees because it is all done on Facebook.
  • You don’t have to spend any money on advertising like pay-per-click or solo ads.
  • The money you earn from the affiliate network can be withdrawn directly into your bank account, paypal account or you can receive it as cheque in some cases.
  • There are no limits on the use of software.


My Results by Using Who Likes Money

To see whether I can really make any money with who likes money system, I thought to test it and see the results myself. I wanted to make sure, this is not a scam or bogus software offering that is of no use. By using this software for more than a week now, here are my early results a.k.a earnings…

who likes money earning proof

As you can see above, I’ve earned pretty decent income with this system considering that I’ve not spent much time with it (only 30 minutes daily). I am sure I can make more with this very soon if I put more time in it and follow the training more properly but yes, I find it very easy as of now and this income is a proof for it.

who-likes-money review


Ok. That’s my overall review and you have come to the end of it.

My personal conclusion is that you must try the “who like money system and software” which is available for only $49 and is quite affordable considering the fact that you will pretty much make money back very soon with it if you follow it properly.

I also wanted to tell you that you may find some reviews saying that do not buy this system or this is scam or something else.

Let me tell you one thing straight, that all those reviews are just pure bullshit and scam in them-self. If you read any other “who likes money reviews” that says it is a scam then you will find an interesting pattern in all of them that they are simply calling every other product a scam and promoting their own so-called free business opportunity to make money online, like empowering network or my top-tier business or some other mlm scheme.

I will highly recommend you to not believe those reviews because you will simply end up wasting and risking your money in a fraud.

“Who Likes Money” is truly a genuine way to make money online and not a scam; which offers great training, software and support. And don’t forget, you also get 60 days money back guarantee and 365 days of satisfaction warranty which makes it overall a great deal.


After reading this review, if you still have any questions then simply comment below. Please avoid asking stupid questions. Go through the review properly and then only ask me any question if you have to save my and everyone’s time.

Here’s the sales page of who likes money system. If you are interested then you can simply continue below and buy it right away.

WHO LIKES MONEY REVIEW - DC Fawcett EXPOSED - Scam?, 6.2 out of 10 based on 17 ratings

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8 Responses to WHO LIKES MONEY REVIEW – DC Fawcett EXPOSED – Scam?

  1. Anderson Lowrey says:

    Question – I’m impressed with your profit, were you able to do that with the 49.00 or did you upgrade. How much is the upgrade.

    Question 2 – I noticed that when I click on the purchase link the price is a one time 67.00 or 2 payments for 49.00. I thought it was 49.00 one time?

    Question 3 – did you do your Free Strategy Session?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      As a beta tester few weeks back; I just had to pay $49 and nothing else. They have just introduced the $67 plan but according to me, you can go with $49 plan. It won’t be any big issue at all.

  2. Sonja says:

    Hi Nancy
    I want to know if a newbie to facebook and internet will be able to do this. I’m not on facebook!I’ve been searching for the right thing that is not a scam and your reviews sound honest.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      I did mention in the review that you don’t have to be an active facebook user or have real facebook account for this thing to work. And yes, it is newbie friendly. They have lots tutorials and training too. I wrote everything in the review I know about who likes money system. Please avoid asking questions which have been already answered in the review. It just makes no sense and wastes my time.

  3. mick says:

    You say pay $49 and get access to the members area, then you say you can Buy the complete
    System , How much is this

  4. Jojo says:

    So it is a one time fee if $49? No hidden fees or upgrades?

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