EXCLUSIVE : Corey Gates TUBE CASH CODE Review – A Scam?

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PRODUCT: Tube Cash Code – The No Website Commission Codetube cash code
PRICE: $49
From: Corey Gates
Releasing : November 4th
SPECIAL DISCOUNT URLhttp://www.tubecashcode.com/ <-


This has been discontinued for now. They have a new updated product whose review can be read here – http://nancyreviews.com/bill-mcknight-emobilecode-review-scam/

TUBE CASH CODE SOFTWARE REVIEW : So here I am once again reviewing a new internet marketing product that claims about making you money online by using their system. Today I’ll be reviewing a product from Mr. Corey Gates which he calls “TUBE CASH CODE” which he will be launching to public on November 4th 2013.

One can easily get hint from the word “tube” that it has to do something about videos and YouTube but what actually is tube cash code system all about??

You don’t need to think that because I’ll answer your that question today and you won’t find such extensive review of tube cash code software and training anywhere on web.

Let’s get started…


Corey Gates is an online internet millionaire who has made thousands and thousands of dollars online through internet affiliate marketing. Few years back, he used to work in construction field BUT now he is rich, tall, looks really good (like any Hollywood star) and lives a very luxurious life.

corey gates

But how true and honest he is in helping you make money online? Is he going to scam people away with his tube cash code system? Let’s move further…


TUBE CASH CODE will be released on November 4 but I was one of the lucky few who got it way before everyone else to try it out through special early bird access link here. So I purchased the complete system on October 24th through clicksure using my credit card. Clicksure is a very trusted way to make online payments for these products as you are supported by their 60 days money back guarantee.

After successfully purchasing the whole thing, I was taken to the tubecashcode.com members area. Let me give you an exclusive look of the members area which you won’t find anywhere else:

tube cash code members area

Above image shows how the members area appears actually. It is really good from my point of view. Everything is properly laid out and accessible easily from the members area.

Tube Cash Code basically teaches you how to quickly make YouTube video rank online for huge profits. There are several people making thousands of dollars every day/month by uploading videos. Corey Gates’s software will help you rank your video ahead of others and make you money. He guides you from beginning so that you don’t get confused anywhere and newbies gets the benefit of this whole system. It is very easy and simple to follow.

You don’t need to shoot videos and upload them. No! That’s very time-consuming. Instead we will be picking up already uploaded videos maybe some funny video or informational video and upload it as ours. Though if you are very creative and have time, you can create your own videos and then upload them.

Tube cash code works everywhere and the money you earn from it can be cashed out directly into your bank account, your Paypal account and some people also get the option to receive check.

Please note that this is not some average training where Corey teaches how to make money online from YouTube. It’s better than all that stuff and this thing surprisingly works very well. I will tell you more about it in my case study later in this review but first let me tell you …what you will find inside when you buy the tube cash code program:


This is the main software that you will be getting with front-end purchase. This software was actually sold for $997 few months back to very limited people but now it is yours for a very low price of $49. This software will help you ANALYZE and RANK YouTube videos quickly and easily through its proven algorithm which Corey uses himself to make money. You don’t need any websites or technical experience to use this software. The software works without any issue on Windows OS and capable of working on Mac OS too.

Here’s how the tube cash code software looks :

 tube profit pro software

The software is very to use and works flawlessly. I was able to quickly finish the task and it ranked my video on top of Google and YouTube in few hours. The results are in my case study below.

– Step By Step Training

They offer you step by step training so you don’t face any problem making money with tube cash code system. In the training, you’ll see 7 modules. Each module has anywhere from 1-5 short 3-5 minute videos that will teach you how to use Tube Cash Code. In total it’s 28 very detailed yet short and easy to follow training modules.

– Bonus Live Training

Corey Gates has paid well over $20,000 for guest speakers and arranged these special bonus live training for you free of cost. You will be able to attend two live webinar training every week which they will be conducting. The first webinar is going to happen on November 7th and I’m pretty excited about it. And oh! I forgot to tell you that if you miss the webinar or join in late, then don’t worry as recordings will be made available to you after the live feed has finished 🙂

tube cash code video review

– Bonus Software

Corey is so nice that he also added 3 wonderful course and software packages without any extra cost as a bonus. These softwares and course will teach you very secret ways to make money online and not just through YouTube. I don’t want to mention the name of the techniques here so that it remains a secret and only available to those who buy tube cash codes.

– Done For You

The done for you package will give you access to ready-made sites which are properly optimized and created to make money when the traffic hits them. These high converting websites are a must download when you buy the whole system.

– Tube Traffic Code – The 5 Step Traffic Software

Tube traffic is 100% self-contained software that has the BUILT in training that you’re looking for. It has 5 various modules that works very well and you must try it to realize its wonderful power.


As I wrote in the beginning of this review, I purchased my copy of tube cash codes on October 24th. After getting everything ready and going through the members area, I opened up a brand new clicksure affiliate account to see how this works and whether it actually generates any results or is just a scam.

For the first 1-2 day I didn’t make any money online honestly speaking and I thought of just shouting loudly SCAM … BUT! I was proved wrong when I checked my account on 26th October. I was proved wrong by Corey and this software actually did its magic and helped me make a bit money though not so BIG but it gradually increased within next few days… Here are my results using this thing:

tube cash code earnings proof

You see it? It’s just so nice to see money like this coming into your account. I am sure I’ll be making more in coming days as I scale it up.


Phew… almost 1200+ words done in this review and I am really feeling so happy after telling you everything I know about this. Overall the system is FANTASTIC and passes my authenticity check. Tube Cash Code is not a scam.


Let me tell you one more thing quickly. If you have read some other reviews of tubecashcode or will be reading after mine then you might see some people saying don’t buy this blah blah … The thing about these so-called ‘genuine’ reviews is that instead of recommending any product they will always call it a scam and then will recommend you throughout their review to join/buy THEIR program – mostly some kind of empowering network or other mlm scheme.

I would honestly recommend you to stay away from such reviews which advises you at the end that says “don’t buy tube cash code… Buy our thing because the other thing is scam and out shit smells nice”. You will end up wasting money if you pay for it.

Honestly, Tube Cash Code is a really a wonderful product available for $49, which is sold through clicksure and you get 60 days money back guarantee. What more can you ask?



Give it a trial run by clicking here. If you have any questions about tube cash code system then simply ask me by commenting below. Please avoid putting your phone numbers or address in the comments as it will be removed to protect your privacy.

UPDATE 1: Those who have not received login information or having problem logging into the members area then please visit here – http://tubecashcode.com/members/wp-login.php

The username and password is your email ID which you entered on clicksure payment page.

UPDATE 2: I received a video few hours back from Cindy who is a college student at the moment and stumbled upon my tube cash code review. Here’s what she has to say… Thanks for sending me this video.

UPDATE 3: Looking at the success of tube cash code software and system; some bad people have stepped in and created almost identical looking website to tube cash code. I must warn you that if you are interested in tube cash code then kindly click here and not by clicking some other link as you may end up paying to some scammer (and you will have tough time getting your money back then) and tube cash code team will not be responsible for this.

So make sure you click here to download tube cash code software and not some other link to avoid phishing websites.

UPDATE 4 : I received another video testimonial today from a guy named Timothy from UK. He has also commented on this review post if you will scroll down to comment section. Watch this video and see what he has to say about tube cash code software system:

UPDATE 5 : Hey everyone! I wanted to update my status on earnings with tube cash code system. Many people asked me to put an update for it, so here it is… tube cash code earningsFRESH Screenshot taken just few minutes back. And yes! It means tube cash code works perfectly well.

UPDATE 6 : If you have any questions about tube cash code or want more info about it then sign up for our free updates list below. Current tube cash code customers should also sign-up below to get latest updates.

UPDATE 7 : This has been discontinued for now. They have a new updated product whose review can be read here – http://nancyreviews.com/bill-mcknight-emobilecode-review-scam/

EXCLUSIVE : Corey Gates TUBE CASH CODE Review - A Scam?, 7.0 out of 10 based on 133 ratings

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290 Responses to EXCLUSIVE : Corey Gates TUBE CASH CODE Review – A Scam?

  1. michael says:

    That looks awesome to me. I am just gonna buy that thing now. Thanks for such an indepth and honest review.

  2. sanoindustries2013 says:

    does it really work

    • Timothy says:

      ohhh yes bro it works. I’m from england and the economic condition of our family is not so good these days and i was not able to get any job that pays well so my last hope was internet and then i reached a website called tubecashcode

      the video was very interesting which corey gates showed but i wanted to be sure before i put some last bit of my money into something like this so I started looking for tube cash code reviews and fortunately I got to read nancy’s review where she properly detailed the system and i was made confident enough to buy this.

      you won’t trust me neither many will but its ok. I have made about $2500 in last 1 and half week alone and that’s about £1550 in our currency which is way too much for us. I am really happy for corey gates and his support team who created this and also helped me personally through email. Special thanks to Josh who is a part of their support team. You rock all …!

      • Andy says:

        Hi Timothy..on what did you spend money in order to make this work?


        • Timothy says:

          Andy I didn’t spend money on anything else like you are thinking. Just the software and stuff… But the great thing about the tube cash code system is the bonus training i.e. webinars you get without any extra cost.

          They have 2 weekly live webinars where guest coaches who have made millions share their secret method live on screen. I am just loving and amazed to see that this training which is worth several thousand dollars is being given away for free.

          I have attended all their previous webinars and they were simply great. You can ask them questions live and a lot more. It is very interactive….

          You people should get this thing as soon as you can. They will be having one live webinar today 9 PM EST and I’m super excited to attend it. Even if I miss it, I don’t have to worry since they provide recording of previous webinars in the members area.

          I am still making good amount of money and I’m thinking to leave my job at the end of this month so I can enjoy the new year with my family and friends.

  3. Marnel Ray says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I am so Interested in ” Corey Gates Tube Cash Code ” , I am in debt right now and i dont have enough money to raise my family. i have no job right now. i am only relyng on my online job, but ig i have no project on it, i cant make money to pay my bills.

    I am looking for a legit and effective sytem online right now to change my life, ive been 5 years from now seeking for a legitimate and effective system.

    tell you frankly, if i have the 49 USD from in my pocket?, i honestly purchase the software of Corey Gates Tube CAsh. you can email me here : (email ID removed for privacy reason – Nancy)

    I wanted to send an email of Sir Corey personally so that i can tell him my status right now.
    If you have his email please help me. i want to try the software and if i have my earnings already? i will pay you the 49 dollars. i really really dont have that 49 dollars right now. pleae help.

    Please Help

  4. Cindy says:

    Nancy, can Tube Cash Code be done on my android cell phone?
    Who is Ronnie M that everyone is calling this system a scam, as they do not bring up Corey Gates

    • Nancy Fox says:

      I knew some comment will come up like this that’s why I wrote a special paragraph related to it at the end of the review.

      What these people actually doing who are saying it a scam is that they are inviting and fooling you to try their so called free system and making you signup for it.

      I am 99% sure about this. Just go through any video or blog review which says tube cash code is a scam and you will find that almost each one of them will be praising some other so called get rich quick system or business opportunity. Please avoid those people and stuff. It’s just a way of playing with your mind where one says this is a scam and so they should consider their shit which is good. Tell me if you agree to this fact which I just said 🙂

      Trust me tube cash code is a wonderful software program which I am using it myself.

      • Collin says:

        Well I agree to you Nancy on the point you made in this review and comment also…

        Wherever I read reviews of tube cash code calling it a scam, I found that they were instead recommending some bullshit business opportunity and in most cases it was some mlm scheme called empowernetwork. Almost 99% of them promoted empowernetwork and called every other product on internet a scam.. It was so funny…. Empowernetwork is a such big scam Ive read about it on internet. It’s not that easy as people try to make it appear to you. There is loaadddss of work in it and you will just get pis^^ed off after some time. It’s not for everyone… I think all those are just fake reviews and trying to create a bad image for every other thing out there like in this case it’s tube cash code.

        Guys I seriously will recommend you to stay away from empower network or some other so called 100% free business opportunity. I feel tube cash code is the right deal right now and I will get my copy very soon with my pocket money and will let you know yaa.. I have also added a reminder for its launch in my mobile as you said.

        • Collin says:

          heyoooo!!! I am back. And I’m gonna tell you my quick experience using tube cassshhhhhhh code….

          guys if you are not getting this thing then you are really missing a great thing on internet. As I told yaa that I’ll be getting tube cash code software with my pocket money, I got bit skeptical whether this will work or not for me but then I decided to just take that riskkkk..

          And guess whatttt???? It was my right decision. The software is very easy to use and nancy gave the exact details what it was going to be about so thank you nancy. Using this I’ve made well over $1350 so far being a school student which is just amazing.

          My mom and dad are just surprised to see this and were bit nervous that I’m not into something illegal but then I explained to them how it all works and a real business thing anyone can do in their spare time.

          I think this money is going to help me alot to get higher education, clear my family debs and also to make my girlfriend feel ghoooddddd 😀

          Thank you coreyyyy and nancy :*

      • jeff says:

        That’s good to know and sounds very easy. I am just gonna buy it now otherwise they might take it off from the market.

  5. allen says:

    aloha nancy can i purchase tubecahcode now ? Or must i wait tilll nov 4

    • Nancy Fox says:

      You will have to wait for it dear… I can’t help 🙁 The vendor is actually performing some upgrades and bug fixes which will be done very soon so he will be releasing the perfect working final product only on November 4th so that people don’t complain that tube cash code doesn’t works.

      • Mark Phillips says:

        Hi there.

        In you review, you wrote: ‘The software works without any issue on Windows OS and capable of working on Mac OS too.’

        And yet here you write : ‘ The vendor is actually performing some upgrades and bug fixes which will be done very soon so he will be releasing the perfect working final product only on November 4th so that people don’t complain that tube cash code doesn’t works.

        Which is it, does it work with no problems or are there bugs that need fixing ?


        • Nancy Fox says:

          The problem was only with some features and that’s why it was only available as beta version before the launch. In beta stage, bug fixes and other routine checkup is a normal thing and I don’t know why you are surprised with that.

          It does not have bugs anymore otherwise people would not have made any money 🙂

  6. Peter says:

    I bought it yesterday, so yes it is available…

  7. Beverly says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I bought it yesterday also, and I am really happy to see that I have earned $350 when I woke up today in the morning. Looks like solid system. Hope it will continue to work.

  8. Dick OBrien says:

    Just WOW! Corey gates made my day today….After 12 hrs of purchase and going through the tube cash code software and training, I finally made $230 so easily. And I think there is more to come now….woooohhhoooo

  9. leepinlarr says:

    so I notice that clicsure is located near madagascar ??
    are you having any trouble with pmnts

    • Nancy Fox says:

      No, Why would there be any issues? It’s just one of their office location. Their payments are processed from some other company which is having tie-ups with several international banks in US, UK etc.

    • shell says:

      are there any other pmt associated with tube cash code? Also, how many of you are really making good money within the first week?

  10. mohammad ali says:

    Hello..im from malaysia..i already watch the vid from corey..to me i absolutely want to give a try..but i face problem when tried to download this softwre..i cannot continue to pay when it come to crash,,and i want to if i can run this using my tablet pc..hope to hear from u

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Sorry but this software won’t work on tablets or smartphones of any kind. It only works on windows and mac. Though you can watch the training or read it on your tablet/smartphone as per your choice but you will need a windows or mac system/laptop to run the software or maybe you can ask your friend to run it for you.

  11. David says:

    I been trying to buy it l!!with my iPhone … Can you tell me if I can use my cell phone instead of a computer??

  12. Rose says:

    i will like to get the trial version please.

  13. Carla says:

    After the initial purchase of the software, are there additional software purchases requires in order for the initial software to function more effectively and efficiently?
    Also, is this a copy and paste system?

  14. ThailA says:

    Hi,can you help me set up my account pls if you can

  15. Jason says:

    Hey Nancy, How do you use other peoples videos as your own? I have went through the training and it explains making videos. Any assistance would greatly be appreciated. thx

    • Nancy Fox says:

      You can download those videos onto your computer and then upload it as it is using online tools keepvid.com or dosftwares like orbit downloader)….you can also edit videos in windows movie maker which is pretty easy to use and comes pre-installed in windows OS. Mac OS might also be having some similar video editor in-built.

      • Hi,
        What about rights then. Youtube won’t let you earn money on material that you don’t have full righths too?

        • Nancy Fox says:

          That’s their adsense partnership rules. Here we are not going to be earning with adsense instead we are going to earn with 3rd party affiliate programs not associated with Google hence it is allowed under terms and we can make money off youtube like i am making.

  16. Olegario says:

    Hi Nancy, In what way will you earn just by uploading videos?It is not stated in the review.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      You basically earn money through affiliate networks. There are several affiliate networks which are free to join. They all have affiliate offers. You will be promoting those affiliate offers which give very high percentage per sale or some exact amount per sale. When you join tube cash code system, you will learn more how you gonna earn from it.

  17. Stephanie says:

    Hi Nancy,

    First, I have to agree that others who say scam are always trying to promote something else.

    I have been researching a lot of opportunities and am currently trying to make a go with Instant rewards, but to luck yet. I was actually positioning myself to get into Empower Network, hoping for some turn around of my horrible financial situation. However, this afternoon I opened my email,and saw an invite from Corey. Don’t know how he got my email, but I was really happy when I went through the video. I am sold – forget EN!

    However, like the poster above, I am flat broke and don’t have $49.00. I am actually trying to make it online through the IR program but after two weeks and 40 leads, no one is interested. Craigs list is saturated with those ads!

    I am so excited about Tube Cash code and until I read your review, did not know that it launched TODAY! I really feel I am in the right place at the right time.

    Is there any way to do this without coming up front with the $49.00? I am really desperate here. I have applied for unemployment and was waiting for a determination. I was told that I would have it by Monday and a check by Friday, so I promised out almost $1,000 in payments to keep my utilities on and my car from being repo’d. I got a letter in the mail this afternoon saying I was denied benefits and that an appeal would take 4 weeks. After crying and praying I opened my email and there was Cory’s invite. Still, I can’t do anything right now. Is there any way I can get help getting started?


    • Nancy Fox says:

      Sory but I don’t think you can get tube cash code system for free. You will have to pay for it. There is no other choice. If it were free then this whole thing will become useless and highly saturated. Since only few people will be getting tube cash code copies, you should try best to be among those. Why don’t you do some offline work like selling lemonade or whatever you know you have skills of… You can also do some fiverr gigs and get some money through your skills.

      • Ashley says:

        Why do you think you have to pay first!!!!

        • Nancy Fox says:

          If you go to buy anything from shop say an Apple iMac … Will they give it to you for free use for some days and then ask you for money? I don’t know from which part of your mind that stupid thought came.

          • Fred Potter says:

            Yes. I have a new flat-screen TV that I haven’t paid for. If it goes wrong within the warranty period, I will owe them nothing. By “owe them” I mean I start paying in 18 months time. So yes I’m using it for nothing

          • Nancy Fox says:

            It’s easy to say anything, now prove yourself.

  18. AG says:

    Do we need money for PPC ads? I’m curious about this–a lot–but it’s undisclosed on what we’ll be promoting. I’m sure it’s CPA offers, so please verify if possible. Thank you

    • Nancy Fox says:

      There is no spending on ads, ppc or an other stuff. You will be getting free traffic coming from youtube i.e. those youtube viewers watching your video.

  19. Steven says:

    Can we connect on Facebook or Skype, I have a few questions I would like to ask you regarding this awesome program. I think you will have my email after I post this. Please and thank you 🙂

  20. haney says:

    Hi Nanacy

    I watch the full video of Corey and i am so interested because i feel he is the answer with all the circumstances that i am now. If you have any chance to email me personally i would love to. Because i don’t like to be in publicity.I hope you understand.

    God bless!


  21. Jessica Fletcher says:

    I have this software with me from last 1 week or so and just like you nancy it works for me. I have been able to make a little about $1150 in last 4 days which is just freaking cool. i love corey and tube cash codes. I wish i could meet him personally to learn more from him. I will hunt for him now 😛

  22. Najirah Easley says:

    How do I purchase tube cash code..

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Dear, to purchase it please visit here and enter your email ID then click the order button. You will be taken to the order page of clicksure where you have to fill in your payment details after which you will be successfully granted access to tube cash code members area… – http://nancyreviews.com/tubecashcode

      • Najirah Easley says:

        I clicked the link and pressed download and it’s taking me to mobile money code billing it doesn’t say tube cash code .. Can you send me a link to purchase.. I already watched the video and read your reviews !!

        • Nancy Fox says:

          Hi Najirah. This could be the issue with your browser cache of ipad. Here is direct payment link for your convenience… I will remove tis link after few hours so make sure you take the decision quickly… https://billing.clicksure.com/item/1c8d356ade5158c69b99a530cf60353c88b8721f

          • Daniel says:

            Hola Nancy realmente quiero cambiar mi vida; me he estoy quebrado; sin trabajo actual, mis tarjetas de credito fueron canceladas, y mi cuenta paypal esta sin fondos. hay otra manera que pueda realizar el pago para obtener el Corey Gates Systems., Realmente necesito poder encausarme.
            desde ya gracias por tu respuesta

          • Nancy Fox says:

            Lo siento … pero no se puede transferir tube cash code para libre. Usted tendrá que pagar por ello.

  23. Marcus says:

    hey nancy im still having problems buying tube cash code.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Please explain your problem in detail like what error you are getting if so any and where do you live. A screenshot of your problem will be better.

  24. Joseph Hooker says:

    So this system really works will be buying it this when I get paid and putting to use right on your good word and I can get money back clause !!!!!

  25. Melvin says:

    can i download the software and use it on my ipad?

  26. imad says:

    i’m from pakistan and here $1 = 107 pakistani rupees which is very good when it comes to making dollars online. so i also bought a license of tube cash code software 3 days back and today i made my first dollar online using it making a total income of $410 which is about 44000 pakistani rupees..way more than the salary of an average person here…really really happpppyyyy with it

  27. bakaru says:

    hai nancy,

    i don’t have a credit card. can the payment done by wire transfer or etc

  28. Chet says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I have to say that I have come to trust your reviews because you have made it a point to connect with your readers – and so for me, there is a certain amount of trust in your opinions that i have come to recognise in your reviews.

    With that being said, I am very interested in your positive review of the Tube Cash Code System, and am seriously thinking of purchasing it.


  29. Anna says:

    hi, i have written to you few hours ago, so please do answer my mail 🙂 I want to even buy it today, but i need some information about it.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Hello Anna,

      I got your email and honestly speaking I can not give you any kind assurance whether it will work or not for you as that will be calling cheating with you. It’s completely going to be how YOU put it to use properly otherwise don’t expect this software to start making money just after installation if that’s what you are thinking and don’t get forget the money back guarantee if you are not satisfied and the software has any issue. I will leave rest of the thing on you.

  30. shell says:

    With everyone jumping on board, how saturated is this going to get that the people like me with zero experience will make any money? Also, is this going to be up and running for a long time or will Corey remove it soon so it won’t get saturated??

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Hello there,

      Do you know how many people watch or visit YouTube daily? You should see the stats by Googling it and then talk about saturation. It’s a huge market so saturation is a thing which is very faaaarrrr….Regarding your question about the availability; I think corey will keep this software available by the end of the week and then later might increase the price. So make your decision keeping that thing in mind.

  31. Najirah Easley says:

    Can I purchase the software through my iPad?? How will I download the software on my computer though?? Can you answer my others question Ms. Nancy, it’s very important.. It’s still awaiting moderation.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Hello Najirah,

      Since I am not tube cash code’s hired or official spokesperson or support staff, please don’t expect quick responses from me as I have more than 100 comments waiting for moderation and several emails waiting to be answered which I don’t know whether I will be able to answer or approve each of them. Some comments might also go into spam. I am just helping people learn more about tube cash code on my own goodwill. So please have patience.

      Regarding your question, yes you can buy it through your ipad, that’s not an issue, but it will only run on a windows or mac operating system.

  32. Tabatha says:

    I have paid. The problem is that I cannot get to the next screen. Do you by chance have tech support information for the tube cash code website?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Hello dear. Please send me an email, I will help you login to your account. While emailing me please do mention your order receipt details so that I can be sure that you are genuine and I am sharing information with right person.

  33. Michaela says:

    Hello Nancy,

    I am trying to email Mr. Corey gates. Can you please give me some type of way that I can contact someone. I have 3 children and I really need help.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Are you a customer or have any pre-sale question? If you are not a customer yet then you will have to wait for longer period for the response. Let me know the reason for contacting corey gates and I will reply to you accordingly.

  34. I see all the comments and its kind of exciting and scary because I don’t know if any of you are real. For all I know Nancy could be talking to her self. But I guess it worth the try if its only $49 bucks and you don’t have spend any more money.

  35. Austin Umeh says:

    You seem to have special access to Corey Gates (re: “Let me know the reason for contacting corey gates and I will reply to you accordingly.”) but you say you’re not his official spokesperson. Why is that?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      I don’t have any special access to him. I was just making sure does he/she really needs help from corey or not bcz first of all I can not publish contact information of any kind of any person on this blog due to privacy reasons.

      Second, he/she would have to wait longer if had been a non-customer. Pre-sale questions are having less priority for corey’s support team at the moment since they have to handle and satisfy their current customers.

      Also, I wouldn’t have published your comment if I were having any special access to him or have been his spokesperson. Sorry, but I don’t work for him.

  36. Jai Thompson says:

    Hi Nancy, how are you today? Can you please tell me if any other money is needed to make money with this system. I see your screenshots and I am wondering if you had to spend any money on traffic or anything else?

    Thank you in advance for answering my question.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      You don’t have to buy any traffic since you will be using YouTube to drive through your affiliate links and thus making you money.

  37. eri says:

    im a begginer, i want to make money online but i dont know whats the best, others are too expensive, i want to try this tubecashcode, but i have no website yet…..

  38. Pastor Paul L Matete says:

    Hei I am so happy to read your review on yutubecashcode and I wish I could buy it but I do not have that $49 and again I do not own any credit card.I can be happy if there can be some body who can help me with that $49 or give me a loan

  39. Hi Nancy, I bought Corey’s program last night, and also opted for some of the upgrades. I looked for reviews today and found yours. I’ll get back to you and let you know how I’m doing.

  40. John says:

    Do you still use the program and so far how much are you averaging a day?

  41. Shirley says:

    Hi nancy,i have read all your comments,and its a quite intersting,about tubecashcode,i realy dont no that this realy work or not,thats why I dont want to hesitate to pay $47,but my main question is ,where we shoud download tubecashcode programm from,is it from corry video where it shows download below or is there is a sepearte site,and my secound question is ,is we have to fill clicksue account and fill our infos ther,will Ill get that program instantly.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      yes, you just need to visit the official website tubecashcode.com and then click the download/buy now button on that page after which you will be taken to clicksure payment gateway page where you have to fill in your details and pa for the software. Once the transaction is done, you will be given your receipt and taken to the members area.

  42. joshcapes says:

    I am convinced 90% of the people posting questions on here are crazy. Nancy, your patience is astounding. lol

  43. Donncha O Ceallaigh says:

    Nancy what kind of product did you pick for your first test case and can you give some details about the video you made

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Sorry, I can’t share the video urls because I want to keep them secret and don’t want people copying me same to same. But the affiliate product I choose for this case study included testo strong offer, and weight loss patch offer.

  44. Sheila Bissessur says:

    Hi Nancy,I watched the video from Corey and was really impressed the way he went personally to help people set up their online business,I watched the video several times and browsed more on the internet and came to your blog.i would really like to join but my problem is that all my credit cards have been freezed by the bank as I was unable to pay my loan and credit cards,I lost my job two months ago and still trying to find one,i am single mum mother of two children and had to borrow money from the bank to pay their university,then unfortunately I lost my job,life has become so miserable now don’t really know what to do,when I came upon the Corey’s video I saw lights at the end of the tunnel and told myself I will do it! but the only thing is that I cannot use any cards now,if there’s any alternate method of payment,I will borrow from my friend and send it to you ,would you please let me know,I will be waiting impatiently for your answer,thanks

  45. msaah says:

    is tube cash code available in australia?

  46. facing problem with payment gateway in click-sure. it declined payment with VISA card as I am paying from India. and getting the message i.e.

    Payment Failed

    Our records show your payment has failed and your card has not been charged.
    Attempted Charge From: XINH TRADE
    ClickSure.com in an International Marketplace for the Sale of Digital Goods and occasionally
    due to our high fraud detection settings your Bank (in particular US Banks) will decline your
    attempted sale on their end because the purchase is International.
    If you decline more than twice in 24hrs our system will block you from ordering until tomorrow.
    Click Here to Re-load the Order Page and Try Again

    so, Is it means that I can’t purchase coz it’s a International purchase.

    just help me out.


  47. CocoaSherelle says:

    Hello Nancy! I got a email about this today, I’m very interested how much time would one have to spend posted or copying YouTube videos to receive commissions from Tube cash code, how many hours a day do you work this business if you don’t mind me asking….I’m curious because I’m a single mother who runs two businesses & time is limited, so I was hoping that this can buy some of my time back to be with my so…..thanks in advance!

    • Nancy Fox says:

      If you can spend 8-10 hrs. per week on youtube and tubecashcode then it is for you and i think one can manage this little amount of time to make money.

  48. Lori says:

    Every time I try to download this software, I get a message from gogvo saying I’m blocked. Then when it does let me into the system and I enter all my information, the site gives me an error page. Who do I contact about this

  49. Lori says:

    Also I bought the *lockbuste* software but dint realize I would keep having to search for traffic and buy a domain for each website. Is this one pretty complete for the price?

  50. Jesse says:

    Thanks Nancy for all the comments..,now i can be sure that this thing is not a fake.
    Kind regards!

  51. Musa says:

    Greetings Nancy, First I wanted to Thank You for being you and for taking the time out to give back for the knowledge you attained on the internet. I was curiously watching the video from Corey and was blown away, but I make sure to keep that skeptical part that does Not allow you to jump in a situation blind. I came across other Guru’s who promise this and promise that and when you said the part about Empower Networks associates who scam others into buying their scams, You really got my attention for it was the truth!

    I also see that your sincere in being yourself as you help people. I to want to help others, but we must help ourselves first in order to help others. If this was the case could we help those whom are drowning in a pool/ lake/ ect ect.; if we could not swim ourselves? So for those who are reading this besides Nancy, please gain confidence in yourselves as well gain strength and insight by doing your diligence.

    I have done tone of research before investing into a produce and when the time to act I did by using whats out here to your benefit. Just food for thought have anyone tried to use the bill me later by pay pal using the debit card to purchase this or any other system? We all here to change our lives so why not brain storm to get great results, instead of all the negative/ murky thinking that leads us back to being broke and miserable.

    I thank a lot of people on here who give great and helpful knowledge by positive, critical thinking, and who are serious in seeing their fellow man/womb-man in enjoying the Good Life The Most High has to offer, if we just help each other and be thankful on being rich on the inside first then the other earthly things shall follow. Hope this helps and Yes I will be adding this program to my success story soon.

    Much Gratitude, Musa
    p.s I will like to network with you as well on other ventures if interested. Email me

  52. keisha keisha says:

    ok i was currently watch the videos and took a break came back to refresh and i can’t find the website

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Their website was under a hack attack probably because the company who offered $45 million to Corey Gates for the software was not happy seeing the success of corey gates students. The website is back now and you can get a copy of tube cash code software.

  53. jacinta buckley says:

    Hi Nancy , cant seem to advance website on sarfari and firefox blocking payment any suggestions?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Their website was under a hack attack probably because the company who offered $45 million to Corey Gates for the software was not happy seeing the success of corey gates students. The website is back now and you can get a copy of tube cash code software.

  54. david says:

    Hi Nancy
    I just purchased the basic starting package I’m hoping it works to help us make our home payments as I lost my job a month ago and we have this big debt on us at this time of the year there are no jobs or there just not hiring.
    If I don’t get some thing soon we will loose our home, we have used all of our funds and have nothing left.
    I have tried to invest but got ripped, does this really work.

    Regards dave from Australia

  55. Hi Nancy,

    I think I’m going to purchase this software but I want to know if there are any hidden fees for example hosting fees and extra things to buy. I don’t mind paying the $49.00 and if it works, I’ll be more than happy to upgrade. Thanks

  56. Manivannan says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I have don’t have any knowledge on what products to promote if I buy Tubecashcode so will someone help me with that after I purchase it?

  57. shayne says:

    hi nancy! i am trying to buy the software but when i started to pay clicksure always says, not enrolled. can you please help me with it? i wanted to start working on it and earning money already. I am from the philippines though, it’s available here right? thanks a lot

  58. shayne says:

    my payment does not go,

  59. Gemm says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for the review but then I just want to know if the tubecashcode is already available in the Philippines? And would the earnings will be deposited in here? Would it be thru paypal or other payment processor like solidtrustpay?

    Thanks! Hope to hear from you.


    • Nancy Fox says:

      Yes it is available for people in Philippines and you can get money there. The payment method which majority will support is paypal. BTW, how is the situation there? I came to know that a typhoon struck Philippines.

  60. mena says:

    hello Nancy……can i pay for this product using my internet master card or how i can pay for it ? thx

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Please try any kind of card preferably a credit card on the payment page. If your card can be charged, you won’t be charged. No need to worry about it.

  61. Emmanuel says:

    Hey Nancy, just wondering if you could help me with this message I’ve been receiving. I’m using a Visa debit card. Every time I try to enter my details to purchase, I get an error saying payment failed and that usually due to high fraud setting my bank (US banks) will get declined. What can I do to make this purchase?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Try paying with credit card if you are having one. Or you can use several online virtual credit card generator websites where you deposit some money and then you get a virtual credit card number to use.

  62. Glenn says:

    Are there any more people with results or reviews?

  63. Glenn says:

    How much longer will this be availiable?

  64. mark Rieder says:

    hi, I am Mark from Canada. On November 3rd I got the copy of tube cash code software and I’m just loving the way things are going so far. I have learned a lot from corey gates training about affiliate marketing and all that things. Plus the software is great too. I have made about $900 (that’s about 940 CAD) till now and slowly progressing towards making 4 figures income every week. Great system!

    I will let you know soon when I reach that goal.

  65. Shell says:

    Hey nancy, I need your help asap, I just purchased the tube cash code and it sent me my login and password. I tried to login and it says that the login or password are incorrect. I clicked on the support desk to post a ticket and it won’t let me either. HELP, what can I do???

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Your USERNAME and PASSWORD is your email address. You should have an email form Corey Gates from support(-at-)tubecashcode.com with this information. Please try to remember the email ID you entered on the payment page and use that one.

  66. Jenny says:

    Hey Nancy, I purchased the Tube Cash Code last night (Nov. 8) and have received a ClickSure Payment receipt….but have not gotten any response to download software. What must I do?

  67. mark says:

    wow just purchased TCC and looking forward to seeing results. ujst read all of your replies and comments and am impressed with your patience. best of luck Mark xx in Chesea London

  68. Heike Kleber says:

    Hey Nancy, one question, have you phoned with this guys for the start up specialist?

  69. Gan says:

    How this thing works??

  70. Manivannan says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I purchased TCC but I am unable to login it says username and password incorrect. I sent an email to TCC support but no reply, please help

    • Nancy Fox says:

      I just logged into members area using your email ID that you entered while commenting here. Why don’t you read things properly?

      It’s given clearly that the username and password is your email ID….!

  71. Lucretia Shaw says:

    Hi Nancy, I’ve watched the video of Corey Gates and it really caught my eye because I watched the entire video…I wanted to learn more about it so I ended up here….I’ve read most of the reviews and is convincing, even though I’ve been scammed on the internet before, I am stepping out on faith with this because I truly believe I can make some money doing this……Thanks for assuring me with your knowledge on this…but I have an IPAD is it possible to download the tool to have access to what I need to do??

  72. Gracie Isles Olivares says:

    Soon to buy this product like all the comments . Thanks

  73. Selva Perumal says:

    So what steps did you take to profit from tube cash code?

  74. Andrei says:

    Hi Nancy, did you use only the Tube Pro Profit Software in order to generate all that money in your Clicksure account?

  75. Alvin says:

    Just bought TCC my final plunge to get my trust back in internet marketing and hope to clear my debts and bills asap. Will update my results few days later. Catch up with you guys soon!

  76. Rachel says:

    If anyone has Corey’s email please, please send it to me. My name is Rachel and I really need financial help right now. Thank you.

  77. Jason says:

    Hey Nancy,

    In Your review you say we use other peoples videos. How do I go about doing this. Also when I use bitly for my affiliate link when clicked goes to a warning page saying it is malicious. Any assistance would greatly be appreciated

    • Nancy Fox says:

      You can download other youtube video using online websites like keepvid or softwares like internet download manager.

      bit.ly doesn’t allow affiliate link because of spam issues. Please try googling “url shortner” and see which one works for you.

  78. mano says:

    hello, Nancy i have a question ….after buying this product do i need paypal account to receive money from that system or i will just need to make a new click bank account ? hope u can make things clear to me ……thx



  80. Dan T says:

    does clicksure handle all payments to you? I see they take the fee to join.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Clicksure is free to join. Where did you find that they take any fees? Maybe you visited wrong website. Again, Clicksure is free to join and it handles your commissions very well.

  81. madgoggle says:

    Hello, french guy can buy it ?

  82. Sanya says:

    Hi there!
    Have anybody used any virtual prepaid card to pay successfully for tubecashcode?
    I’ve tried entropay but it seems to fail.

  83. Doug says:


    Thanks for the info. So, you spend $49 and are making $300 to $500 per day based on about 10Hrs of work per week??? If this happens for me it will be a game changer. Also, what are people doing to make $1000 plus per day?? Thanks, looking forward to your reply

  84. Sanjeev says:

    Hi Nancy! How does the money get transferred to any member’s bank account & how many days does that take

    • Nancy Fox says:

      You have to just enter your bank details in the affiliate networks you are participating. Some offers you weekly payments and while some do bi-weekly payments based on how you earn.

  85. Diamond says:

    since it’s working for you all can somebody help me out. i purchased it and went to download and i keep getting a message about the install.. its not even installing for me.. what should i do?

  86. Donna says:

    Hi Nancy, how do you get the money from clickbank to your own actual bank? Wells Fargo for instance… 🙂

  87. Ibrahimy says:

    Hello Nancy,
    I am contacting you from Afghanistan, I have master card to purchase the Tube Cash Code software, but I am a little confuse how it will pay me after I earned money because in Afghanistan; I can receive only through Wire transfer (Western Union) or bank account transfer.

    Please guide me


  88. Pedro says:

    No more comments here since November 8…why?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      We have divided the comment section to make the website faster and because of which you will see 50 comments per page. To view more/new comments, click on the “newer comments/older comments” link you might see on this page.

  89. Dan T says:

    I would like to know why my question never got up on your blog? It was a legitimate question. Even if you do not answer, it should have been posted. I asked about cash quick, or what ever company does the money collecting and payout. Is it legit?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Sorry for the delay. But my blog is getting too much traffic and the amount of comments that are yet to be approved and answered is increasing day by day. People have several pre-sale questions. Your recent question was answered. Please check and let me know if you have any further questions.

  90. jordan says:

    hi nancy so does this system truly works? im thinking about downloading tonight after work I just don’t want it to be another thing I invest in and don’t make shit back straight up.

  91. Abdi Bashi says:

    HI Nancy
    Thanks for your valuable info, it really blew me away. I’m very exited about this program. Do I need another investment after this 49 buck? is this system ligament? does it work in Norway? How long It will take you to make real money? I hope you’ll answer my questions clearly. again Thanks for your review.

  92. Warren Druyan says:

    Hi Nancy…. I just viewed the video and it looks pretty interesting. If your willing to let me know how you’ve done since you started i would love to view it before i commit myself. If your still happy with the system then i’m willing to try it for myself

  93. Agustin says:

    $49 dollars monthly or just one time payment?

  94. Topher says:

    Is it possible to pay an extra fee to have someone do the set up for you? Actually put the videos together for you?

  95. koh eng choo says:

    I had no card no money can I join?

  96. Mike says:

    Oh my god! You just Rock! Thanks for this superb review.

  97. Bryant says:

    Hi nancy I have tried to purchase but it keeps sayin my card is a fraud? This is the only card I own and I really want this program please help me

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Please let me know the exact error by posting a screenshot or maybe you should contact clicksure sales support as they can help you better.

  98. Michelle Phillips-Thompson says:

    Thank you for this very detailed review. There are so many scams on the internet and i was really looking for a detailed review that would make sense and i finally found it. I will certainly give this a try and i will send you and email as well. Once again thank you very much

  99. sarah says:

    How much time did you spend getting up and running? I haven’t a clue when it comes to internet marketing, and get frustrated easily because it’s not my “thing”. Thanks.

  100. Amber says:

    Thanks for the review! I tried to purchase this product today but it failed. I received the same notice as a comment earlier. I thought it was because of the fraud detection on my card, so after my first attempt I called my bank and they suspended the block allowing me to make the purchase. But when I tried it again, it didn’t work. I called my credit card company one more time but they said they didn’t receive any other payments on their end. I’m assuming I’m out of tries, but it must have been something going on on clicksure’s end. Is there no other marketplace to download this product? If not, can I try making the transaction with a different credit card or do I have to wait the 24 hours even though my card is not the issue? Thanks in advance!!

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Try with a different credit card. If you are charged then you will get access else you won’t. Why need to worry? If the new credit card also doesn’t works then wait for some hours.

      • ddevens7 says:

        Amber, Nancy and others with payment issues,
        I received a call from my bank’s fraud detection group. The issue is that a transaction may be from outside of your country (Mauritus is a good example) and banks are leery of this because they do not have the same regulations governing online transactions, etc. You can ask the bank to allow the payment, and they will do so.

        • Nancy Fox says:

          Thanks for the update. IF you are getting transaction failed error; you just have to call the bank or credit card customer care to allow transaction outside of your country and then you will be able to buy tube cash code easily.

  101. Kevin says:

    Nancy, thank you so much for your review. I am greatly inspired.
    I want to purchase this product asap. The thing is, I am Chinese, I live in mainland China. There is some sort of payment issue. I don’t have a VISA or MASTER bank card, neither credit card nor debit card.
    Is any VISA or MASTER card ok to pay? No matter credit card or debit card?
    If it is possible I am gonna apply for a debit card first, cuz it takes forever to get a credit card here.
    Any chance you have any information regarding this issue?
    Looking forward to your reply! Thank you for your help!

    • Nancy Fox says:

      I’ve no idea about it. Some debit cards do work. You can give it a try. If it works then you will be charged and if it doesn’t works, your money remains in your bank. Why afraid of trying it yourself and waiting for my answer on such questions?

  102. Montreal LovinMi Armon Dixon says:

    Hi nancy i dnt have a computer so i can go to da library and do da software their or u think i should us my friend laptop.

  103. Elliott Spence says:

    Hello Nancy
    You really are a saint. How is it that you still have any hair left? Anyway I saw this on Nov 3 but I was working two other programs which I was not able to make from. And today I found your review blog on Corey Gates. So I guess I will try it. Thank you for your review.

  104. Wendy says:

    hello,Nancy…..can i use debit card to pay?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Some debit cards mostly from US, UK bank may work but with very less possibility. You should give it a try though. Why you are so afraid of giving it a try yourself to see whether payment is accepted or not? What’s the issue doing it yourself rather than coming up to me and asking these questions?

  105. Johan says:

    Hi Nancy, i was about to initiate the payment, however, on the payment details, it asked for “Name of Card”. What should i fill in this field? i filled in the name updated on my debit card, but after i submitted my payment application, it got declined. 🙁

  106. johnathan says:

    Hi Nancy. Does this really really work because im looking how to support my family and my unborn child that’s coming and ive been struggling for years now so i want to buy it but i want to make sure and ask you does this really work before i buy it thanks

  107. Kevin says:

    Thank you for replying!
    I am sorry that I asked such a silly question.
    I really want to give it a try but I just can’t, for VISA and MASTER card is rare in my country.
    I don’t understand why paypal is not supported. Paypal may work for me…
    You guys are soooooooooooooooo lucky! Looking forward to hear some good news from you later on!

  108. Viplove Agarwaal says:

    Can I buy this program from India as a previous post where a person tried paying from India but was unsuccessful ?

    • Nancy Fox says:






      • Viplove says:

        Hey easy there !
        Was just trying to confirm that it is available for purchase here…
        Sorry if it sounds too foolish to you…
        And btw I have absolutely good vision in both of my eyes and hope you do too, so if you type normally I would be able to read it too…

        • Nancy Fox says:

          There is no need to confirm it anyway. Just put your credit/debit card details on payment page and see if it is charged or not. Simple… No need to waste time; as time is money.

  109. Joseph says:

    where does the money come from? 🙂

  110. Agustin says:

    Can I use my ipad or I need a computer?

  111. fhorns2000 says:

    From reading reviews, it appears I may have to produce videos. I’m wondering how much time and money I may need to invest, as I’m kind of lean financially. If it’s pulling Youtube videos, that’s easy. I looked into this last weekend, and I’m looking through this thread to find relavant info. Thanks for your help.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      If you can spend 1 hr daily then that would be GREAT but you can adjust it according to your schedule. Don’t watch TV or spend time in unproductive work; and you will definitely find time. The more time you spend, the more you see the results. After all, its for your own life.

      Regarding your second question, Yes, you can use other youtube videos. You may have seen people putting up videos where they compile several other videos into one and gets millions of views just so easily. Do you think they have made all those videos themselves? NO! They haven’t…But still manage to mke thousands of dollars every week on YouTube.

      You can follow that thing or there are several other methods which you will learn in training. You can also use your own videos as that will be pretty unique.

  112. Zhanony says:

    Este programa esta hecho en en español

  113. Harleighabel says:

    Hey guys this is just a review blog, she is not the payment processor, if you are having payment issue contact the web administrator or customer service for the product site, instead of harassing a third party with all your individual payment issues!

    • Nancy Fox says:

      haha somebody understood how I’m feeling. There are more than 500 comments right now and I don’t know how I’m gonna handle this.

      Most of the questions are pre-sale one i.e those who are interested in buying tube cash code but not having luck with their card.

  114. angie says:

    hi iam just wondering if this is canada ontario or just the states if you said it was world wide sorry i ddint see that but iam very interested in signing up

  115. jemmy says:

    hi, i would like to know is it for egypt …..is it worldwide ? thanks alot

  116. lynn dunn says:

    Nancy this is a follow up
    I subscribed to the program and this is what came up on my screen from avosti after I clicked cpmplete my order from click sure

    (~content removed – Nancy)

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Simply turn off your antivirus because it is giving false alarm to you. Don’t worry, your security won’t be at risk. But make sure you turn it on once you are done with tube cash code website.

  117. Elkay says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I’d like to know apart from the $49 you are paying for the system is there an up-sell in order to get the whole system good and running ? If yes,how much ?


  118. Tony E says:

    Hi again…..it’s all ok again as the site’s back up & running again now….so can get logged back in ok, so must’ve been a tech glitch at their end.


  119. shivi says:

    Guys please tell me if this really works as I am from INdia can I make money as I am in need of money very badly.

  120. Gavin says:

    Hi nancy if I don’t like this system is there anyway I can get a refund just I recently lost my job so don’t have a lot of money, so I don’t want to invest if I’m not going to make any money

  121. Kim Franco says:

    Good Day Mam Nancy… Just wanna ask if the Tube Cash Code is Working here @ the Philippines… Im reviewing this system for 2days now and just making sure before buying it.. Buying this system is a risk for me and a sacrifice coz my last money left in my wallet now is for me to use to go back to my hometown because i went to another town to seek job.. I badly need to have an income.. I hope this system is the answer for my prayers now T_T

    Please do reply as soon as possible Mam.. thanks and Godbless!

  122. david tyrrell says:

    hi nancy iv tried many many times today to sign up to get this product but every time i try to do it keeps telling me my card is not been accepted some type of fraud thing cant you help with this question im in ireland

  123. Catharinus Hofma says:

    Hi, Nancy

    Can not pay and the reason is Illegal Paramater???
    How can I fix this problem??

    Regards, C

  124. lisa mitchell says:

    hi iv purchased the product and iv really enjoyed the training and i learning new things every day but there is two things im hoping you will help with, obviously picking niches etc do you have to promote a product from other affiliate products or this system or if i upload a video do i get paid for people watching it?im just trying to understand or do i say pick a certain niche and promote from say clickbank for these?i know i may seem a bit vague but im just trying to get the cosept of being paid as you said it was from youtube,plus if it goes into a clicksure account does it go directly or do i need to some how tie them together?just dont want to miss anything out. if any one could please help if be grateful

    • Nancy Fox says:

      “do you have to promote a product from other affiliate products or this system or if i upload a video do i get paid for people watching it”

      Ans: You can make money by joining affiliate network like clickbank or clickure and then promote those products with tube cash code OR you can also earn when one watches your video on YouTube. This is called YouTube partnership program by Google Adsense,

  125. jee says:

    hai nancy can i get this if iam from malaysia

  126. Michele P says:

    Hello Nancy I would like to know before I order: (1)is the done for you software free? (2) Is the tube traffic code free? (3)tube profit pro software free? Im really excited and very interested in ordering ASAP but I don’t want any surprise upsells that cost in order for me to make money with tube cash code. Thank You

  127. Patrick says:

    hey jeff? did you buy it? how does it work?


    I live in Nigeria in west Africa and would like to benefit from this program. Will this work for me here in my country? and will i be able to cash out in my local bank account here? we dont have paypal approval in my country so i am limited to just bank deposit only. Advice please Nancy

  129. abraham says:

    Hi Nancy what is the difference between mobile money code and tube cash code which is easier to get start with . scincerley

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Mobile Money Code is related to mobile marketing and making money through mobile niche while tube cash code is related to YouTube and making money with YouTube.

  130. Vanessa says:

    This may be a stupid question.., I am really considering trying it..How long does it take for someone to actually start making money from the day they pay?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      It is indeed a stupid question. It is not some mlm scheme or mutual fund or some sort of investment scheme. You have to take action to make money. It is not some push button magic software for your kind information. You can make money in a day, or a week or even take a month or maybe you won’t even make a dime with it… It’s all up to you and how you use it.

  131. vic555 says:

    hii nancy
    i want to buy it but i dont know how.. i tride with ur link above and nothinggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????

  132. shannon says:

    Once I purchase this how long will it take to get the program?

  133. sylvia curtis says:

    How do you get paid By check what?

  134. Lita says:

    I’m goin to try this tonight I hope it does work

  135. ruth says:

    Hi Nancy, do I have to make my own video to get hit on youtube?

  136. Ibrahim says:

    HI, NANCY , i am from Egypt and it looks that this program is for people from US AND CANDA AND UK , please guide me to a program that i could get in from my country and it is easy as i am a beginner in internet works

  137. MrKukels says:

    Hey guys i think to buy this product… But i have one question… If i will need some help can i ask some of you help me to set up everything?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      You can also take help of their support team when you have any question.

      • Peter Jovanovich says:

        Hi Nancy,
        I’m looking to purchase the program but just wanted to know if there are any hidden costs involved, such as “Pay Per Click” or any other advertising fees that are involved to make the program work. Please let me know asap.
        Peter J.

        • Nancy Fox says:

          There are no hidden cost like on advertising. I’ve told this several times in this review and in comments also. Please read it properly.

  138. Rose says:

    Hi Nancy, is this program still available?

  139. MUSABYIMANA says:

    Can I pay by my debit card?

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