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PRODUCT: Commission Jailbreak Reviewcommission jailbreak software
PRICE: $39


COMMISSIONJAILBREAK REVIEW : Are you searching for a review of commission jailbreak system? Wondering what is it and how you make money with it? Well, I will tell you more about commission jailbreak software by travis stephenson and whether you should buy this or not. I hope you will find this review useful and in case you have any questions to ask me, then simply comment below and I will get back to with an answer as soon as I can.


travis stephenson

Travis Stephenson is an internet marketing expert who has been around for about 5-6 yrs if I remember properly. I also saw him once at affiliate summit which happens every year. Travis is currently engaged and lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He owns an internet marketing company that goes by the name “Magic Media LLC” and also “Travizia Inc”. He is a well graduate and did his Business Administration studies from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. He is a REAL guy and not some actor that often appears behind most internet marketing product’s sales video.


I will be finishing up this commission jailbreak review quickly and it won’t be lengthy like my other reviews since I’ve to go out somewhere in an hour or so. But I will keep you updated if there is something new about commission jailbreak system.

Commission Jailbreak which sells for $39 is basically a website generator. Using Commission Jailbreak, you can create content pages much like your own social network or youtube/video sharing website. For this, you DON’T NEED any web hosting or any domain. It all comes in $39 package. You will get access to commissionjailbreak members area, where you can create pages like this in a matter of minutes that are ready to make you money and also build you a good targeted list.

commission jailbreak

It pretty much does EVERYTHING, particularly it deals with three of the most crucial factors that an affiliate marketer need to handle::

1. Site Creation: Commission Jailbreak enables people to generate content pages having affiliate links inserted in just a couple of clicks. Every single content page could have videos, texts, rss feeds etc… A content page can be produced in 30 seconds. Everything is going to be handled automatically.

2. Traffic Generation: Now this is the most fun part. Commission Jailbreak  is a comprehensive content spreading system. Their brand new concept is: Social networks like Facebook are earning money from much of our content that we share, so why don’t we generate our own money?

With Commission Jailbreak, your content is going to be distributed in a network of 1000’s of users. The website visitors to your content pages will go viral since your pages are going to be shared VIRALLY. Your backlinks is going to be built automatically and you could benefit from the sharing features on Facebook, Twitter (commission jailbreak will handle that)… but in the end, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO EARNS MONEY FROM YOUR CONTENT.

3. List Building: Commission Jailbreak software will help you build you list too. It easily integrates with major autoresponsders and lets you put optin forms on your content pages to collect email prospects for free and easily to whom you can promote products by emailing them and hence make money.

Users will love commission jailbreak software because:

  • It’s web-based – There is NO installation needed. This software works through your internet browser directly. You just have to login to your members area and make money.
  • You get free hosting, free domain, and free list management/builder.
  • You don’t need much experience regarding this as it is quite easy to use.
  • It instantly creates affiliate sites with money making links. It enables customers to share all their contents in one location.
  • You get all the reports and analytic inside your members area so you can see your progress.

Overall the commission jailbreak is a very interesting system to use and I won’t call it a scam. You can make money with these content pages if you try to be little creative and also follow the training properly.


COMMISSION JAILBREAK REVIEW - A Scam by Travis?, 7.5 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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12 Responses to COMMISSION JAILBREAK REVIEW – A Scam by Travis?

  1. Ricky says:

    Thank you Nancy for such a wonderful review. I am just going to set up an account with them and start making money before everyone else does.

  2. Marl says:

    Hi Nancy, really appreciate your time and kind gestures in accommodating inquiries from interested people. I already signed up for it 2 days ago unfortunately, still feeling lost:( Honestly, i am not very familiar with techno stuff especially online business stuff, however, i feel that this is going to be a big help if i’ll give it a try.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Ya, some people are not that good in using computers or have less grasping power in some situations. Don’t feel bad about it. Contact their support team or let me know your problem so that I can help you.

  3. Israel A.V. says:

    Thanks for the review Nancy, i have a question: Do i need an adsense account for commisionjailbreaker or for TUBE CASH CODE system to make money? Because google has cancel my account. or where the proffits get registered?. Does really any of these systems give me my money back if they dont work?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      It is not compulsory thing to have adsense account but you can surely make money from adsense also using these system. You can also get a new adsense account using these two system easily. You get 60 days money back guarantee provided that you have a valid reason for it and not just downloading stuffs for free from internet while taking benefit of money back guarantee.

  4. Sylvia says:

    So will I be able to work this from my cellphone (galaxy S3)???

  5. Nenad says:

    Damn, if it is that good, I should find $40 bucks somehow to start. It will be hard to find $40. But will try nevertheless.

    Thanks Nancy for this review.

  6. john says:

    Are there any up sells? or ongoing costs with this program??

  7. So how do you get traffic to it does it auto send it out as well to fb and youtube?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Well, your site that is built by using commission jailbreak system is listed on their huge network which is having lots of members.

      Just think it like you have a YouTube video and it is shown on the front page of YouTube thus getting you lots of traffic. Commission Jailbreak is similar to that but with ability to make money!

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