CIRCUM NEWS – Legit or Scam?

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I was recently asked through email from an old man about a website: , which says it recruits people for online work, they have some referral program that will make them money also. Honestly, I am 100% sure it is worthless and you should not waste any time over it.

It’s just a bogus program where they are collecting your details and getting their work done from you free of cost. They are not going to pay you for anything you do for them. Stay away because it’s a scam.

I hope I helped some of you looking for circum news review. If you have any questions about it, then feel free to ask me by commenting below….

UPDATE: Finally it has been proved that this site is scam. Many people are saying they have not received the payment even after 14 business days (

Some people raised questions on my credibility and said few bad words to me because they were having full trust in circum news, and they will pay them. Now I’m  excited to see the reaction of those people…What you people have to say? You just wasted your time! I tried helping you, some listened but some over-smart people still went ahead using it. I feel laughing on their face 😀

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38 Responses to CIRCUM NEWS – Legit or Scam?

  1. Karen Walker says:

    I’m not disagreeing with your opinion. If you want someone to take your nonsense seriously, however, maybe you could write and research an article with – I don’t know – facts? I’m 100% certain that no one who finds your page is going to be satisfied.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Ohh? So you’re saying I’m talking non-sense and it is not a scam? Ok. Cool. Go now and signup to their website and come back when you have got the payment from them. Challenge accepted?

      • holly says:

        I think this person is saying that facts would make your statements a little more satisfying. To say “I am 100% sure it’s worthless…” without trying it for yourself…I guess I would simply never come back for you opinion again. I guess no matter what the opportunity, there is always someone who didn’t do it screaming SCAM. I know the cure for Arthritis…but no one believes me, so they still have it and my family doesn’t.

        • Nancy Fox says:

          Duh!…I am saying that because I’ve years of experience in internet marketing field and these type of scams often pop up every month. I don’t need to collect any proofs or try it myself to write a review of such scam websites.

          If you still don’t believe or trust me, just go away and waste your time on their website rather than doing something more productive. It won’t affect me in any way but rather infect your computer with malwares or spywares and your privacy maybe broken. I will just request you one thing that you MUST come back and let people know that you didn’t got payment even after waiting so long. I ask nothing more than that… NO ONE has yet received the payment till date from my quick findings and will never receive ever in future. This is purely a scam.

          Advertisers are not so fools or idiots who will spend so many dollars just for making you read news articles which is not even a product related article. And they don’t even explain from where they are getting funded for paying you a whooping $9 per referral- I’m pretty damn sure they don’t have a gold mine or oil refinery to pay you just like that.

          No one is so stupid except you or those who will be joining circum news with a dream that they will make money with them.

    • Mário Oliveira says:

      Again in this case I followed the principle : seeing is believing. So I signed up and kept reading news on this site, as I had alrady started on surveynoticias and umfragenews. I asked for payment when got up to $ 350 (slightly over) but more than 2 weeks later zilch, zero, nothing, no payment! On all 3 site the same situation. Take you own conclusions…

  2. Lourdes says:

    This is true after I earn $102.The system wont allow me to log in anymore, saying that my email add is not valid.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      I knew that very well. Hope you learned a lesson from it.

      • Melissa says:

        I’ve never had a problem logging on. Been doing it for 2 weeks and up to $150. It may never pay out but I do want to find out.

        • Nancy Fox says:

          haha sure. Keep trying and at the end of the day, you will feel disappointed when you won’t get paid. I’ll be waiting for that day honey when you will get paid. Please do reply.

          • Melissa says:

            No I wont be disappointed because I know there’s a pretty big chance I won’t see a dime. But I also still play the lotto, lol.

    • ze says:

      It’s happen the same with me! I got $102 and the system won’t allow me to log in anymore..!!!

      • Kevin says:

        I had the same issue and was really really “upset” but after a week – BINGO – I was once again logged on and my coin is up to $230.10 as of this writing.
        If you don’t try you will never know for sure.

        • Nancy Fox says:

          Oh god how innocent and stupid people behave sometimes…You won’t be able to SEE that MONEY in YOUR Hands or bank account! That’s just a number to fool you that you are making money but actually you are not going to get ANYTHING and will be working for circum news and making THEM money. You are not going to get a single cent in hand. It’s December and not a SINGLE person have come up with any authentic proof of payment. Many people took a challenge with me that they will get the money soon & show me the proof…And I am still waiting for their response…hahahaaa 😀

  3. Jeannie Rivera says:

    I did not give them my bank account info, just my name and email . I haven’t read enough to cash out, it won’t let me log back in, and bow $ is taken from my bank account with all MY personal info including a made up email address, originating from Trinidad, and watches are being shipped to Miami Florida. Big mistake is my passwords are the same, now they have my info. I’m totally freaked out and my husband is pissed.

  4. ricky akers says:

    My 2 week threshold is up and still no payment from circum news.
    Sounds like a scam.

  5. Tiffany DeMars says:

    i earn $105 dollars and 2 days ago i could not log in but yesterday it allowed me to log in with all my money still there. i am not saying its not a scam but i am trying it out and will let you know if i get paid and IF i do i will comment and give my FB name so people can see my screen shot.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Yes, that’s how scam sites work. They will get the work done from you for their benefits, show you some dream that you will make $XX for this and that and when the time will come for payment, they will try some old tactics like disabling your account just like you are facing at the moment; telling you later that you used some illegal ways to earn money which were against their tos while you were completely true in your job, etc.

      Don’t waste time in it, you won’t get paid by them ever. It’s my 100% guarantee.

  6. YGThaBoss says:


  7. Pat Vojtaskovic says:

    Nancy has been right on this one all along. This is a russian based site. I got 2 phishing emails from a .ru host 3 days after signing up. Coincidence? I doubt that. So here is what it can hurt. Suppose someone refers a hundred or so people to the site thinking they are getting 9 bucks a pop. Not only do they get ripped off what happens if some of those referrals fall for the phishing scam and some of their personal info gets jacked? Who’s fault is that? I know of an affiliate site recruiting members for circum and they will not publish my warnings. I fear some of those people will fall for it and lose a lot more than some time. Hat’s off to Nancy for being honest.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Thanks Pat. I’ve removed your facebook URL from the comment to protect your identity as I don’t want you to face any problems in future from these people.

  8. Ashley Jackson says:

    Well, my 14 days was up today…still nothing…I knew it seemed risky and fishy. Never got my hopes up, would have been nice. I ran several systems to check for virus’s daily and didn’t give any personal info, even paypal didn’t have cards attached. But, yup…scam, I did NOT receive payment. Was planning actually taking a screen shot of my paypal IF they paid up, oh well.

  9. JAMES says:


  10. Millionairesteve says:

    Nancy, I would be very interested in meeting and thank you so much for opening my eyes about this shit. Thanks!!!! This is a big scam. You saved me.

  11. jack says:

    I just got “scammed” doing that too.

  12. felicia says:

    Anyone else get paid from this? I don’t see a single person who got paid. A TOTAL SCAM.

  13. cindy says:

    You know, whether it is a scam or not, people will usually put more credibility into someones writing if they actually use proper grammar and spelling. You shouldn’t really criticize people on a personal level if you can’t even do that.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Oh Really? Why don’t you just tell me what’s wrong with my grammar? You have 24 hrs to answer else I will consider that circum news employees are the one who are submitting these fake comments.

  14. Adam Harrison says:

    I’ve been to the site and “made” $78. I sure as hell will not give them my paypal info. And after reading these comments I’m going to cease all activity on the site. Kinda funny how I came across your site, just type circumnews in googles search bar and there are so many scam links that show up its unreal! So you aren’t the first to warn people, but probably the most blatant. Thanks for caring about others. Be smart people. Geez, if it sounds to good to be true, then it most likely false. Happy holidays to all………

  15. Ashley James says:

    Hi! Its really a scam…I was so mad!! I am a stay at home mother and I was looking for something to do online to make extra cash….I am still waiting on my $233.81 since November 6th….Is there anything online I could do to make extra cash????

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