10 Responses to Brad Marshall MILLIONAIRES SOCIETY Review – A Huge SCAM?

  1. Paul says:

    Hey girl, wassup! Just wanted to tell you that this system is f*ck**g awesome. I started like 4 hrs back with $250 and after winning 15 trades and loosing 3,my $250 have turned $325 in just 4 hrs. TALK ABOUT RETURNS!

    • Morgan says:

      hey paul. how much money did you deposit? how did you set up system to earn? how do you win? Is it auto-pilot? If yes, how do you set it up without additional payments? How do you withdraw earnings for your own use? How much are you earning now? How many accounts have you set it up?

    • vitalis says:

      Is the Millionaires societyTrading Bot App still working for you

  2. vitalis says:

    Do you have to place trade manually or will the robot place trades for you

  3. avery fields says:

    Hello im from mobile al and im thinking of doing this. Can you make money from this i would like to know

  4. avery fields says:

    Hey iam wanting to invest in the millionaires society and was wondering can you make money from it.

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