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PRODUCT: CASH MACHINES 2.0 SYSTEM (Cash Machines 5 license version)cash machines
CREATOR: Aaron Ward
PRICE: $49 one time payment
DISCOUNT URL: http://cashmachines2.com


Cash Machines 2 Review: Hello everyone! Almost 1-2 weeks back, I got the chance to try the cash machines software and training created by internet marketer Aaron Ward. It cost me about $49 to buy cash machines software license. Since you are on this page, you must be wondering what are these cash machines all about? To answer that question, let’s begin the review of cash machines software and training by Aaron Ward…

IMPORTANT NOTE: Stay away from sites that offer you some $XXXX bonus package in return of buying cash machines from them. You might get scammed by doing so. Also, DO NOT BUY ANY discounted copy available for $9 of cash machines 2.0 software as you may not get what’s expected. The safest way to buy cash machines is by visiting here and wait for the order button to come-up in few minutes. You will be solely responsible for your MISTAKE of not buying from the official website and falling into some bogus bonus/discount offer. Do not blame anyone later, I’ve warned you!

Here’s a quick preview of Unlimited Cash Machines & Traffic Software members area:

cash machines members area

To start with, let me tell you what you don’t need:

  • You don’t need to buy web hosting. They give you web hosting free of cost which means it is covered in your $49 purchase. You have the option to enter your own web hosting account details if you want to.
  • You don’t need any technical skills of installing something or have to be some programming genius. They handle all the technical work.
  • The cash machines software is completely web-based so you don’t need to worry about installing it your computer or anywhere.
  • You get 5 ready-made cash machines for you.
  • It is completely legal.
  • It works worldwide. There are NO country restriction. Everyone from anywhere whether it is Nigeria, Philippines, Africa, India, USA etc. can join.
  • You can get paid directly via paypal, cheque or direct bank deposit whichever you prefer.

The cash machine software is very easy to use and make money from. Everything is step-by-step, you just have to fill in some info regarding the cash machine you want to build. The software will create the cash machine on complete autopilot that will let you harvest new customers that you can turn into revenue/income by systematically promoting offers to them.

In case you don’t understand some part of the whole process of making money with cash machines then don’t worry, they are providing all the necessary training and documentation needed to get you started even if you are completely newbie. Their learning center consists of several training videos which teaches how to use cash machines software and how to make money online with cash machine system. Other than that, you can contact their support in urgent problem or help. There are some surprise bonus training and materials inside the members area which you will get to know once you buy cashmachines. I won’t tell you what that surprise is, otherwise you won’t feel surprised 😛


To test how effective the cashmachines2 software is, I performed a small cash study where I created a new affiliate account to use with cash machines system. As you can see in the screenshots below, I’m performing very well considering the fact that I don’t use it in its full swing as I have lots of other business and personal work to do everyday. But anyways these test results are pretty satisfactory for me:

cash machines proof

Download empire network software

I don’t see aaron ward’s cash machines as scam because it is a REAL deal and worth the price. You get way lot than you are actually paying. No one actually offers so much at such small price but Aaron seems to be little different. He cares about people and that’s why he is letting you try his cashmachines software risk free for 60 days! That’s AMAZING!

If you have any questions about cash machines 2.0 system then feel fr

AARON WARD CASH MACHINES REVIEW - A SCAM?, 7.7 out of 10 based on 34 ratings

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  1. Michael Cannon says:

    Hi Nancy, Just wondering how you are getting on with cash machines?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      I’ve updated my review with income proof. The earnings are low since I just ‘tested’ this system. If you can use it properly then it will yield more cash.

    • Knarik says:

      Dear Nancy,

      I am interested in gaining this system but I’d like to know whether I should invest some money to start earning after buying this system for $49? If yes,please tell me how much is the minimum investing and whether it is a must.

      • Nancy Fox says:

        I didn’t understood what you are trying to ask. Please make it more clear. Are you having trouble in writing down your problem in English? If so, then simply comment with your native language and I will try to understand it’s meaning using Google translate.

  2. Tony lopez says:

    Is this for real or it is a scam? Do you have someone in South Florida that is using the cash machine and had success using it?

    • Linda Martez says:

      hey tony,
      it’s a coincidence to meet you. I live in West Orangewood Lane, south florida. Where you live dear? I’m 42 yrs. old.

      I’ve been using this cash machines software thing from about a week and I must say aaron is a genuine guy. I had this feeling that this is again going to be some scam but then I just went ahead closing my eyes and brought a license of cash machines system. For first 2 days, I was completely clueless like what should I do to make money with this. It was coming up as scam to me BUT something happened the next day and I was shocked to see $470 in my affiliate account. I almost fainted seeing that. Till now, I have made about $1320 considering I’m a total newbie and haven’t made much before online. I think we should meet up and work together. What you think?

  3. endoftherainbow123 says:

    Hi! Nancy, I’m very impressed with your Cash Machines 2.0 review, I’m seriously thinking of joining, your comments and Aaron’s video have been very helpful indeed.

    John Main

    • sarahgolding says:

      All I can say to you John is bring your money out of your wallet, Aaron Ward is a totally honest guy!!

  4. Eddie says:

    Hi Nancy, I’m Just brought the Cash Machines 2.0 to try out after read your review. Hopefully, This is not scam, I will leave a comments soon.

    • Nimrod VIzi says:

      Hy Eddie, How is the businessess going ? Is it generating any money ?

      • Eddie says:

        Hi Nimrod, I want to let you know that the business is going amazing. I through that this is going to be a scam and I am again going to loose my money but NO, I was wrong. Cash machines 2 is not a scam with my personal experience. I have learned a lot from aaron ward’s training and have started making money with it just yesterday. I have made about $512 till now. I am sure going to speed this up and will spend more time on it. Probably I can quit my boring day job after this.

        thank you nancy. You are really great!

        • Greg says:

          Eddie, Did you just sign up for the basic cash machines? Did you just set up your 5 cash machines and that’s it? Did you use ClickSure offers or something else? I have the software, but not sure how it works exactly.

  5. Desiray says:

    Hey do you know of anybody in Dallas Texas making money from this ?

  6. john says:

    “Nancy” is no doubt the best reviewer I’ve ever seen. Thanks for letting us read cash machine reviews. I’ve now just brought my copy of cashmachines2 software. Let’s hope for the best.

  7. sujan says:

    Hey, nancy- which product we promote by this cash machine software ?

  8. Rob says:

    Hey Nancy, thanks for the review! Have you used any of the upgrades to achieve those earnings? Or have you done anything “extra” that’s not in cash machine 2? 🙂

  9. GERALDO says:

    hi nancy; i subcribe this morning the prob is that i dont know to much english,how i downloads the software,wht page i have to go,thank please need help

  10. Cecilia says:

    Anyone in Kansas or Missouri using Cashmachines 2.0…

  11. Jasminka Zizak says:

    Hello from Croatia. I would like to join this but I can’t find any instructions how to pay for direct bank deposit. Can anyone help me about this please? With regards, Jasminka

    • Nancy Fox says:

      You can’t pay through direct bank deposit. Only credit/debit cards and PayPal is supported.

  12. vicente.pajaro says:

    Please kindly elaborate on the $49 I would be purchasing!Does this have upsells? If they do what are they,features,functions and benefits? Please tell me as soon as possible so I could order through your link,thanks!

  13. Chris says:

    I would love to try this but am very skeptical. Anyone in Ohio tried this and had success. Would love to hear from them.

  14. Tim says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Are there any hidden cost involved with using facebook, google, and youtube to get the traffic to the cash machines, or any sort of advertising cost involved? I have been unemployed, with no income, for 2 years now, and have spent thousands of Guru scam products that didn’t work, and can’t afford to risk any more money on yet another scam. I would love for this to be the real deal.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Heyy tim,

      There are no hidden cost like you think. You can generate free traffic from facebook, google, youtube etc. without any issue. I do it myself. But if you want, you can spend money on advertising like on Google ads, Facebook ads, to see if that’s something which earns you more. This is not a scam. You just need to work on it with full dedication. Nothing is solved with some push of a button.

  15. wael says:

    Hey do anyone is using the cash machine in Dubai?

  16. Daphne says:

    Hi Nancy, I’m from Nigeria. Do you have anyone from my country using your systems? I am asking because paying for itis almost impossible as we do not really use credit cards in this country instead we use debit cards and our country is not allowed to have PayPal accounts. Nigeria is not even on the PayPal list.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      You can use virtual credit card if that’s possible like entropay or something else. Please google ‘virtual credit cards’ for nigeria.

  17. Julie says:

    hey nancy,

    love from brazil! I was just searching on Google for aaron ward cash machines 2 review and luckily i landed on your blog. You review is really the easiest to understand. All the reviews i’ve gone through in past 30 miinutes are so are just pure junk and doesn’t tells you anything. You are the first and I really liked what I see. So I’m just buying it now and will let you know how it is.


  18. Jonathan says:

    This is the best review I have seen so far, I will get it from You, thanks

  19. nizamhamid999 says:

    Hi Nancy

    Is cash machine 2.0 an auto pilot or we need to drive traffic to the 5 cash machines website ?

    Looking forward to hear from you


    • Nancy Fox says:

      To generate traffic on autopilot, you can follow the training or can choose an upgrade which offers you a software for complete traffic generation.

  20. nizamhamid999 says:


  21. Anjali says:

    Hi Nancy,

    For upgrade do we have to pay extra charges..?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Obviously, for any kind of upgrade even in the real world, you have to pay something. But you can still make money without taking the upgrade and can look after purchasing them at later time when you have got money or made money with cash machines 2.0 software.

      • Anjali says:

        Thanks Nancy

        • ekaz says:

          Nancy is running away from my simple question.. Do I need to buy HostZilla hosting fro more than $200.00?

          • Nancy Fox says:

            No, you don’t have to. It’s just an offer. Buy it or leave it. AND Please don’t make false claims that I’m running away from your question. This is your FIRST comment on my blog which you have made; you never asked this thing before!!!

  22. vinaythetrillionairesoni says:

    hi dear nancy,

    this is vinay soni from india i am online internet marketer and i am reading your blog site from last 1 months its really great to know about all new products well thanks nancy once again well nancy i am very much intrested to buy this CM2 but can you help me out that is it work in india ? and i need your support and guidness all , and last i have a account in CLICKSURE.COM but i am confused that for affilate in clicksure need to purchased or not ???? please reply me

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Hello vinay,

      As I said in my review, it works everywhere. So whether you are from India, Nigeria, Africa, USA; it simply doesn’t matters. It works everywhere.

  23. Khadijah says:

    Is this a clicksure account?

  24. Rodney says:

    thanks nancy for ur review I feel confident now of ordering it now.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      glad to know that rodney. let me know your thoughts once you have gone through it.

  25. Arinze says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I just tried to purchase Aaron Ward cash machine 2.0 but it didn’t work out after filling my required details.Please what can i do.

  26. James Reilly says:

    Hi Nancy, You just tried to Skype me. Please try again,

  27. NK says:

    Anyone in Virginia out there using Cash Machines 2.0?

  28. arabella says:

    hi nancy,
    i have purchase the cash machine 2.0 from aaron.but after that where should i go since i dont get any link to that website

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Please check you email which you used at the ‘order’ form, you may have received the login details or a way to signup. Please also check your spam box.

  29. emmanuel imanzi says:

    hey Nancy im new to this i just barely sighed up and everything off the video. so how do i log in the the accounts?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Please check you email, you may have received the login details or a way to signup. Please also check your spam box.

  30. Andrew Liburd says:

    hi nancy
    I want to thank you for recommending this. I brought cash machines on 4th of july after reading several reviews and your review was one of the most informative I found that time. The thing is that I’m happy and satisfied using cash machine software. Today, I made my first money with it and by the time I’m writing this, I’ve already made over $345. So I have already made what I invested to buy this thing. Hats off to you Nancy. Love you!

  31. David says:

    hello everyone could sure do with help moving these cash machines please help {email ID REMOVED} Arron is the genuine article thanks nancy great review

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Sorry, we don’t allow anyone to comment having an email ID to protect your privacy and from spammers. The email ID was removed from your comment.

  32. Knarik says:

    ok, I’ll write down more clearly..

    I meant that I want to buy this cash-machine system, but before buying it I’d like to know if there are extra payments or investments that I should make after purchasing it

    Thanks in advance!

  33. Barry says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I came across your site earlier today and read your Cash Machine review, which is clear and straight to the point. It seems amazing value at just a one time payment of $49 are there really no high pressure up-sells after you get in? I tend to believe that if something seems too good to be true on the internet it usually is – or is Aaron Ward’s Cash Machine the exception. I’m seriously considering buying from your link and assume there’s an affiliate option available, how does that work?

  34. Gary Bruns says:

    Great review Nancy!:) I will buy this tomorrow when the banks open! I hope this works! Thanks!

  35. bruce says:

    I am in the Dallas Ft. Worth area, any one around here using this ? I am interested .

    • K says:

      Hello Bruce!! I live in Grand Prairie now and would be delighted to meet with you on this new venture!!! Please let me know how I can contact you!!! I’m so looking forward to this!!! Thanks,


  36. Mariel says:

    Hi Nancy! I am from the Philippines and I would love to try this cash machine. I have been trying a lot on the internet for almost a month now and I sure hope that this one is a success..been really praying hard to have something that would really cover all my needs. I am glad you have this review, somehow, I have a reason not to be skeptical about it. Thanks and God bless you.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Thanks for your kind words.

    • allan says:

      hi mariel, im allan also from the PHI. just want to know if u already purchased the Cash machine 2.0. Is it a real deal?

      • Mariel says:

        Hello Allan, I brought this yesterday and so far it’s been great. Just 2 hrs back, I made first money using cash machines something like $120. Quite easy. Give it a try mate.

        • Mainak Datta says:

          Hi Mariel

          This is Mainak from India. I am new to this online money making. I don’t know
          what products to promote. I don’t know what domain name to use. Can this system help me ?

        • wella says:

          Hi Mariel,
          I’m Wella ftom PI too. I just want to know if there are other fees to be paid aside from the $49? What products do you sell? Is this for real?

  37. jorge says:

    Still do not understand how is that traffic works? can you explain ?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      They have it covered in their training and software. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what trick they advise/use to generate traffic otherwise you won’t buy it and will experiment yourself. It is against their terms to disclose it.

  38. Ramon says:

    Hi Nancy,
    Does this system work on a MAC platform?

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Ramon, as I wrote in the review, it is a web based software so you don’t have to download any software and install it on your computer. It doesn’t matters whether you use Windows, MAC or any other OS.

  39. Ronald says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I am from Peru and my english is basic, I want to know if it’s possible in the member area to get all the information in pdf or any reading format, because for me is easier to read than to listen. I read all the questions above and I have the things clear.


    • Nancy Fox says:

      They have covered documentation/faq/training in text format also. So no worries.

  40. Maclaren Edwards says:

    i am intrested! how to start?

  41. Gerardo Ruiz says:

    Hi Nancy, I pay it for a cash machine, but I don´t keep contac with Aaron ward yet, I don´t undertand much, becouse I don´t speak english very well, can you help me with the cash machine software in spanish please?, I want to make money with that, an will be an good option, launch in the hispanic market!! best regards!!

    • Nancy Fox says:

      You don’t have any friends who speak english? Maybe they can help you understand it. Or you will have to use Google translator.

  42. shashi_132 says:

    is any body working from hyderabad,india

  43. Shweta Nehru says:

    Can I make income too. I am from India so I am not sure whether this is gonna work in india too…

  44. David says:

    Hi, is this a scam?, I wanna try this out, but i’m not sure if I will pay and my money will just be taken with no kind of assurance that I will make any money

  45. Jay says:

    Hey Nancy,

    I am her in Orlando Florida reviewing info on cash Machines 2 thanks for being her with your info. You have talk about being careful with discounted version of Cash Machines 2 because you may not get what’s expected of the system. I am on unemployment right now and money is real tight and the $9.00 amount work will for me to start earning and then in the future i can invest in my business. Please share your input and is their any one out their in Florida who is active with this system that can connect by email or phone.


  46. ReecieBoy says:

    Nancy, first I want to say kudos for braving an honest blog. That alone is amazing these days. I am an expert in losing money online. I can lose with the best of them. I plan on buying cash machines to keep in such fine tradition. However, I won’t be upset if I turn a profit. Now that you’ve had this for quite some time, are there any tips or recommendations you can update us on. Very grateful for the blog thus far.

  47. Obasanjo says:

    Hello please how can make payment from Nigeria? Does the page accept visa prepaid debit card?
    Please talk to Aaron on how to make this accessible for us in Nigeria
    We dont have any for of payment here.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Unfortunately, due to various frauds and risks involved with dealing with people from Nigeria, the seller couldn’t get any payment processing system which supports Nigerians. I am really sorry for you. I wish it can be changed.

      You can try all the cards you have to see if by-chance it works. If it works, the money will be deducted and you will get to use cash machines 2.0 system otherwise you will have to do it again.

      Try to Google for “prepaid virtual credit cards” that support Nigeria. Hope you will find some.

      • Obasanjo says:

        Oh this is a bad news
        But he must understand not everybody un Nigeria is fraudulent
        And there is no country that doesnt have fraud
        I watched is video and he was pationate about helping people all over the world with this so he should consider us that wants this offer
        I will search for prepaid virtual credit cards and hope i find one that works

        • Obasanjo says:

          One more thing Nancy
          I am about apply for a Visa prepaid debit card
          Could work for it(UBAAFRICARD) verified by VISA and its said to work oh WEB nd POS.

      • Nixon says:

        “Unfortunately, due to various frauds and risks involved with dealing with people from Nigeria, the seller couldn’t get any payment processing system which supports Nigerians……”

        That is profiling Nancy. Please do try to find more respectful words next time.

        • Nancy Fox says:

          I just said what the payment processing companies like paypal, clickbank, etc. give as a reason when asked about this thing. There’s nothing new in it and those are not my words. It’s just a fact which I know and I really don’t know why is it like that & how long it will go like that. I don’t think like that and that’s why I did say that I am sorry in my comment.

  48. allan says:

    Hi nancy, I just want to know if you need to invite people and make them sign up to make money on CM2? or is there other way you can make money on CM2?

  49. Joe says:

    Can I use a prepaid c.c ?

  50. wella says:

    Hi Nancy,
    Do we have to pay for web hosting?

  51. cindy says:

    Hello: This really sounds to good to be true anyone in the Atlanta area using this system? I have lost TONS on other projects, really nervous now! Thanks in advance Cindy

  52. Fitzroy says:

    Hi Nancy, I am trying to purchase this product all day but all it says is shop closed. .
    Can you help please

  53. rollie says:

    is this work in philippines?

  54. bryan says:

    Hi Nancy ,can withdraw the money in cash machine and how does it work credit to our account or mailed by cheque?

  55. bryan says:

    Is $49 US currency?

  56. Rochelle says:

    Hi, I want to purchase but I cant afford to lose. Will this really work?

  57. robert says:

    Hi Nancy i m a student inTurkey and i would like to now about what do you mean that you don t you use the full swing of these cash machines is it true that we can make 30000 dollars a day with this system.

    • Nancy Fox says:

      Sorry. To be honest you won’t make that much money in one day. Don’t expect that you will buy cash machines and next day or maybe after two, you will make $30000/day. That’s a huge sum of money and not easy to reach. Though, it is possible making money with cash machines but it will take a lot of time for you to understand and train yourself to reach that mark. You may make $30000/month after a month or two of training but $30000/day will take some time to reach as it will need some more investment from your side. I told you my honest view, rest is up to you.

  58. Jamaludin says:

    i want to buy cash machine system but i do not have credit card, can i pay with my account paypal

  59. James Sendon says:

    Hello Nancy., I’m just a poor and I don’t have money to invest? Is that a problem?

  60. Rukhshanda says:

    After buying it I realized it’s such a wonderful software to make money. Thank god I stumbled across this. Thank you Nancy for recommending this to me.

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